Ohuabunwa: Strategic Thinkers, Proactive Economic Team will Lead Nigeria out of Economic Woes


Christopher Isiguzo in Enugu

Renowned Management Consultant and former chairman of the Nigeria Economic Summit Group (NESG), Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa said yesterday in Enugu that for Nigeria to sail out of its present economic challenge, the presenet administration of President Muhammadu Buhari must ensure that strategic thinkers and a proactive economic team are brought on board.

Ohuabunwa, who spoke to newsmen at the “leadership, marriage and business summit” of the Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship International (FGBMFI) in Enugu, identified lack of thinking and patriotic commitment of Nigerian leaders as the cause of the current economic crisis facing the country.

The former chairman of Neimeth Pharmaceuticals said the country was in dire need of “strategic thinkers, enlightened leadership and proactive economic team to bring about appropriate and timely economic and fiscal policies.

“Enlightened is the word; enlightened, dedicated, patriotic leaders, who know that the purpose of leadership is to move people from a state of poverty, the state of low quality of life, to a state of wealth and a higher quality of life. The moment we focus our attention on the quality of life of Nigerians, then politics will play less impact,” he noted.

Ohuabunwa who had earlier made a presentation entitled “Leveraging on ideas and innovations to achieve success for start-ups and SMEs” expressed worry at the current trend where politics is mixed with governance as well as the lopsided appointments in the country said the problem was not because of lack of money or fall in oil price but lack of adjustment.

“I mean let’s face facts, how can you be doing this (lopsided appointments) one after another, the same area, you ignore some other areas and how can you build a country that way? It will affect our economy, it will affect commitment, it will affect unity; because people operate, by feeling of equitable belonging, I will do my best for this nation because the nation is doing its best for me. If I see the nation discriminating against me whether its perception or real, my moral will be low, I won’t probably do the best I can. These are the things and they affect the economy,” he said.

He therefore urged young people to develop a thinking mind and to begin to confront issues “from the point of view of thinking, of research and of seeking to find; so that they can create new realities. The domain of innovation comes from exploring and thinking and researching.”

“The declining economy is an opportunity to develop possibilities for export. We should look at the opportunity that the collapsing oil economy is bringing to us. Today, oil contributes about 10.1 per cent of the nation’s GDP unlike what used to be the case in the time past. This is the time for Nigerians to think out of the box in order to grapple with the present state of affairs. Anything one can do to earn a dollar, which means we have to develop things that can be exported should be done,” he said.

Other speakers at the event including, Surv. Ambrose Okpala, who spoke on “Work Ethics” and Arc. Jim Okpala who spoke on “New Generation Chapter’s Imperative in a modern society FGBMFI Perspective”, all stressed the need for every Christian business man to anchor his or her business plans and strategies on God by following due process and godly way.

Ambrose Okpala said, “What we are doing as a fellowship is what we know and believe can help change the status quo, because it begins with men and women in Nigeria. If people can cultivate proper attitude, proper approach to issues, proper ethics; the change we really expect will manifest.”

The summit according to Mr. Chidi Eze, one of the organizers, was powered by the New Generation Chapter, an arm of the FGBMFI, designed to provide a platform for equipping upwardly mobile young men and Spiritual leadership across board in the nation.