Syinix LED TV Series Launched in Nigeria


Emma Okonji

Syinix, the electronic arm of Transsion Holdings, has launched its Japan-originated electronics brand TV sets in Nigeria, designed to catch the grand final of the European Cup to provide epic viewing experiences for the Nigerian football fans.

Originated from Japan with a basic principle of “For a Better Life”, Syinix television is a professional electronics brand committed to becoming a practical family choice for warm and cozy lives. The product comes simple, with elegant finish design, easy and optimised user experiences.
Speaking at the launch of Syinix television sets in Lagos this week, the General Manager, Nigeria operations, Transsion Holdings, Mr. Chidi Okonkwo, said Syinix was designed with a wide rage of voltage that ranges from 100 volt to 260 volt, and allows the television to operate at its optimal, without the use of a stabiliser. It comes in 22″, 32″ and 40″ flat screen size, with plans to expand to 50″ and beyond in the near future. According to Okonwo, the Syinix range of TV sets, have perfect sound quality, designed for better listening, with full high definition (HD) Light Emitting Diodes (LED), for bright viewing.

“It also supports local language menu display in Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo, including English language, this making it easy for people in remote parts of the country that do not speak or write English language, to easily understand the setting of the television, and can operate the television with no assistance from anyone. It has multi ports design, which allow multiple plugs such as USB, DVD, hard drive, flash drive, at the same time, thereby boosting users’ experience,” Okonkwo said.

All TV sets are super slim with high-resolution screens, equipped with energy saving mechanism, which enables the television to store energy that is as high as 30 over cent.
It boasts of superb pictures and voices, thanks to functions like colour fidelity, sharp contrast, and supports local language menu display and USB play as well. All these functions and features are designed in full consideration of the local market condition and consumer habit, which once reflect the Syinix design philosophy and mission of serving the local African people with top quality yet affordable electronic products.

Syinix Brand Director, Mr. Bruce Deng, said: “Africa, Nigeria in particular is our most important strategic market. We are very pleased to bring Syinix TV into Nigeria during the European Cup. We are committed to provide the Nigerian people top quality leisure entertainment experiences, combining classic Japanese design and technology with local Nigerian insights. Moving forward Syinix is going to launch more electronics products in Nigeria and Africa, in adherence to its original brand mission of serving African families, and hopefully become a household name and the first choice of Nigerian and African families.”