Firm Introduces New Beoplay H5 Earphone App


Emma Okonji

B&O Play has announced the company’s first wireless earphones with the launch of Beoplay H5. Beoplay H5 is designed for music lovers with an active lifestyle by one of Scandinavia’s foremost designers, Jakob Wagner, and combines the highly acclaimed Bang and Olufsen Signature Sound with sleek aesthetics and an effortless tech experience.

For seamless integration into an active everyday life, Beoplay H5 comes tuned with a variety of sound profiles to deliver best-in-class sound experience in all situations. Users simply choose one of the preset sound profiles in Beoplay App on their smartphone or Apple Watch, such as working out, commuting, listening to podcasts or relaxing, or they can adjust the tonality and staging with the playful and intuitive B&O Play ToneTouch interface.

To make sure that users do not leave their earphones behind, Beoplay H5 comes with a magnet built into each earpiece, so users can click them around their neck for effortless wear and easy access to their music and podcasts. Clicking the earpieces together, Beoplay H5 automatically powers down saving battery life.

Announcing the new app, Senior Vice President of B&O Play, Henrik Taudorf Lorensen, said: “Beoplay H5 is the most versatile product we have ever made. It is designed to be worn and used effortlessly, and with the integrated app to change the tonality to what you are doing, it will be a device that enriches the everyday lives of people worldwide. Combined with an active, fashionable and dynamic design that complements your active wear as well as your best outfit, we are very proud to broaden our range of wireless headphones with Beoplay H5.”

Speaking on the design, Lorensen said the cable connecting the two earpieces was encased in braided textile, which makes it comfortable against the skin, and is molded directly inside the rubber to prevent dirt and sweat from interfering with the delicate electronics.

“The housing of the earphones is made of textured rubber and polymer to resist sweat and moisture, and to complement the braided textile cable a diamond cut and radially polished aluminium plate is mounted on top of each earpiece. Human ears are very complex and diverse, so Beoplay H5 have been meticulously tested and improved to get the perfect fit,”said designer Jakob Wagner.

“When designing earphones to be worn in the inner ear for many hours, comfort is the most important factor. The human ear is a delicate and fascinating part of the body, and I wanted to honor that and take care for it to make Beoplay H5 sit beautifully in the outer ear and blend in naturally. Soft and yet precise,” Wagner added.

Beoplay H5 has a 6.4mm dynamic speaker, a small electromagnetic transducer and a bluetooth 4.2 chip with digital sound processing that allows for dynamic sound tuning. It comes tuned by acclaimed Bang and Olufsen sound engineers, for the best all round sound profile that prevents listening fatigue, and Beoplay App can be used for Android, iPhone and Apple devices.

Users can adjust the tonality and sound staging themselves with the playful and intuitive B&O PLAY ToneTouch. The interface lets users feel their way through different sound settings and finding the one that best suits the situation. Once adjusted, Beoplay H5 stores the setting on the product itself until you adjust it again.
Connected to Beoplay H5, the Beoplay App makes it easy to monitor the battery status of the earphones.

Users can control the music, using play, pause, forward, back, and they can personalise the earphones by giving them a specific colour and name in the app.

By connecting Beoplay H5 to Beoplay App, users also receive software updates over the air.
Speaking on the features, Wagner said: “Beoplay H5 comes with a rechargeable battery with a total capacity of 100mAh that gives up to five hours of wireless mobility between charges, which is enough to complete a marathon with battery to spare. Charging Beoplay H5 is easy with the cubic charger that comes with the earphones. Instead of inserting micro-USB cables in the earphones, users simply click in the earphones into the cubic charger and two magnets hold the earpieces in place as they charge.”

The cubic charger is also available as an accessory, so users can have a charger at home and one for life on the go.