Winners Emerge in ‘Candel Be a Millionaire Promo’


Candel Company Limited has rewarded farmers in its ‘Candel Be a Millionaire Promo’, which was drawn randomly by electronic means. The promo saw eight farmers cart away brand new generators and tricycles.

The Managing Director, Mr. Emmanuel Kattie said the promo became necessary to help rid the farms of herbicide bottles and remnants of agrochemicals in order to avoid health hazards.

“It’s a project designed to rid farms of herbicide bottles and remnants of agrochemicals that pose significant health hazards to the ecosystem,” he said.
He explained the project would encourage farmers to return empty bottles of used Candel products.

Kattie also pointed out the initiative would help keep the environment clean and safe as well as enhance the welfare of the farmers throughout the country.
He, however stated that the promo, will help farmers to enhance their productivity, efficiency and work output.
Kattie further noted the promo, which kicked off in May will see 60 farmers being rewarded with 48 generators and 12 Tricycles as well as a N1million star prizes at the grand finale in November, 2016.

Meanwhile, the Founder and Chairman of the company, Mr. Charles Anudu said the company did the right thing by withdrawing the bottles from users.
“We saw people using the empty bottles to store water and other consumable things, which is harmful and we needed to destroy them because they are harmful to mankind.”
Anudu posited that the only way to enforce it is by asking the farmers to return the bottles and get cash reward.