Patoranking is New Face of TLR Couture


Dance hall sensation and judge of “The Voice” Nigeria, is set to be unveiled as the new face of Tailorloran Couture –TLR Couture.

According to Folami Abiodun, the CEO of TLR Couture, the singer was picked because “he exudes everything our brand stands for, which is, charisma, perfect looks and appeal.”

Abiodun revealed that Patoranking will be unveiled in a few weeks and that the fashion line would also use the occasion to launch its 2016 collections.

“We have been working very hard to meet the expectation of our clients and I can assure you that, every male who loves unique fashion will love our 2016 collections,” he said.

On the challenges of running a fashion line in Lagos, Abiodun believes the challenges are not different from the regular challenges of running a business in Nigeria as an entrepreneur.

“The only thing that is giving me sleepless nights aside power and multiple taxes is the exchange rate that has forced us to increase our charges.”

For someone who has been into men’s fashion for eight years, he was asked to name a Nigerian that he admires his fashion sense and cannot wait to style. His response was straightforward: “That will be Darey Art-Alade. He gets it right all the time and I cannot wait to see him in our outfits.”

For someone who started designing from his university days, Abiodun survived a million and one hustles but one experience made him a fulfilled person.

“I passed through a lot of things before getting to this point in my business; my passion kept me going. But the day my father wore my outfit and said he is proud of what I am doing; that is the day I knew I had a future in this business because he never believed in my abilities at the onset but I thank God that today he pays me to make his clothes.”

When international fashion shows hold in Lagos, it is reported that Nigerian models are used to do the hard part of the job like fitting all through the night for foreign models and the foreign ones come and showcase the outfit on the runway and earn big pay while local talents are left backstage and paid peanuts. What is Abiodun’s take on the issue?

“I am against it totally and I think all relevant persons have to do something about it because this is the only country we have and these models rarely have opportunities abroad; so why deny them of opportunities at home? It is totally wrong and I am against it.”

A great number of people believe majority of the men in fashion industry are gays, does he know any gay and what kind of relationship does he have with them?

“Yes, I know a lot of gay guys. I mean you see them every time in the cause of this job, either at parties or shows or where we buy fabrics. They are actually nice and interesting set of people in the business.”

What worries does he have for the fashion industry and what words does he have for lads coming into the business?

“Everybody you meet on the street now is a stylist or a fashion designer, and most of them commit unpardonable errors and this is a big problem for the business. For the genuine young ones, I will tell them not to get carried away by money. The truth is, there is a lot of money in fashion and most people get carried away but you need to stay focus on your job if you want to last.”