Gabriel Afolayan, Nollywood Stars Storm Redemption Camp for ‘King Invincible’


Nollywood artistes will storm the Youth Centre in Redemption Camp, Lagos on Saturday the 2nd of July, venue for the first unveiling of Femi Adisa Film, King Invincible. These cream de la cream of Nollywood stars, who also featured in the movie are Toyin Alausa, Omowunmi Dada, Gabriel Afolayan, Tope Tedela and Bimbo Manuel. Their friends from the industry will also be on ground to celebrate with Adisa.

King Invincible is an epic film that tells a sprawling tale of love and war. A handsome warlord, Taari (Tope Tedela) is fast transitioning into a wolf due to the curse of the dogs that has been placed on him. He must immediately find the cure to this curse or be forever damned. The plot thickens when he discovers that the prince of the village, Adetiba (Gabriel Afolayan) will stop at nothing to prevent him from getting the cure he desperately needs.

Princess Morenike (Omowunmi Dada) who is desperately in love with Taari, goes against her brother and goes beyond all limits to get the cure for her betroth. In his struggle for a solution to his problems, Taari is faced with oppositions from Adetiba, played by Afolayan, who goes an extra mile to deny the warrior the cure he greatly desires. The misery behind the solution and the cure, including, regaining the confidence of lost love and brotherhood are all part of what will be unravel in the unveiling of King Invincible.

Adisa said he decided to screen his movie, King Invincible first in redemption camp, because he considers the camp a place where he has a large family, taken into consideration that he is a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God ( RCCG), more so, he happens to be among the first graduate of the Redeemers University of Nigeria ( RUN).

Speaking on while he went into film production, Adisa said, his journey into film making started from Michael Jackson, whom he loved and emulated. “I wanted to be like him. For everyone who knows Michael Jackson, you will know that there is one striking thing about him – music videos. They were done very well that you could watch them a million times and not get tired.”

Adisa promised free pop corn and T Shirts for those who will be at the screening as tickets are available at Open Heavens and other outlets on camp.