Abba Folawiyo Simmers Down


Ageless beauty and fashionista, Chief Mrs. Abba Folawiyo, wife of the late businessman and philanthropist, Alhaji Wahab Iyanda Folawiyo, is a showstopper anytime, any day. Indeed, her powerful dress sense and graceful steps are always an attraction.

Among other things, her upscale fashion outfit, Labenella, has clothed top celebrities, and participated in several fashion shows at home and abroad.  It will be recalled that in 1986, the company staged fashion shows “Labanella Goes Ecowest” in many West African countries.

The secret of her continued relevance is simplicity and ability to understand the trend; she never loses touch with modern trends in the fashion world. Little wonder she reigned supreme in social scenes. In fact, no octane party is believed to worth its salt if the beautiful woman was not in attendance, as she was a reference point in the social circle. It is not because she is a freak of shindigs, but simply because many socialites couldn’t digest the fact that their party was complete without Sisi Abba in attendance.

However, the amiable woman, famously called Sisi Abba, seems to be taking the back seat on the social scene nowadays.

While some people, within the social circle, attribute this to the fact that she is well advanced in age, others say it is because she has seen it all; thus, allowing younger and other stylish socialites to enjoy the scene.