Lagos Water Commission Endorses CWAY Water Quality


Drinking water giant, CWAY, recorded another milestone recently following the certification and endorsement visit to their factories by the Lagos State Water Regulatory Commission.

The Executive Secretary of the Commission, Mallam Kabir Ahmed, who led other members of the commission, commended CWAY for complying with laid down rules of the commission. The delegation’s visit was a follow up to CWAY fulfilling the regulatory body’s registration requirements as newly required by Lagos State Water Regulatory Commission (LSWRC).

“We are comfortable with what we saw, we visited the boreholes, treatment plant and other production facilities,” Ahmed said.

The executive secretary further used the opportunity to re-emphasise that there were no issues of quality or safety with the commission as CWAY’s standards are not in doubt, rather, “There were payments for regulatory provisions for water extraction, for licensing and for permits which they have complied with.”

The delegation visited CWAY factories at Oshodi and Isolo where they inspected and praised the company for adhering to international standards and urged other companies to emulate CWAY in terms of quality and standards.

Responding, CWAY Group Brand Communications Director, Mr. Auscar Ikoro, thanked the Executive Secretary and his team while reiterating that CWAY is a very open company, known for its water quality and high operational standards. He further reassured the public, insisting, “CWAY is one of the best water producing firms in the country. We have over the years ensured that we help Nigerians to have and enjoy the benefits of clean drinking water. That is what we are all about. Our factories are among the best you can find around. You can carry out a test of our water yourself to confirm its quality, so there’s no doubt about that. This commission is relatively new and we are learning to work with them to continue giving Nigerians best quality drinking water that we are known for. CWAY is water,” he said.