Cash-strapped NFF Scraps Dollar Payment to National Teams


The Technical Committee of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) rose from its meeting in Abuja after tabling several far-reaching recommendations including the scrapping of dollar payment to the various national teams and match-by-match bonuses as well as placing assistant coaches on part-time basis.

A top official told that among the decisions taken by the technical committee at their meeting on Tuesday in Abuja were:

Players and officials of the various national teams will no longer be paid in US dollars for home matches

The national teams will not be paid bonuses on match-by-match basis, but rather for various stages of a tournament, like qualifying for a major tournament and reaching the various rounds of these competitions

And as part of measures to reduce the heavy financial burden on a cash-strapped NFF, only the head coaches of the various national teams will have full-time contracts, while their assistants will be on part-time basis and expected to tie down jobs with teams in the various leagues

“We believe some of these measures will go a long on reducing the heavy financial pressure on the NFF,” another official told only

The various national teams are now owed several months’ salaries and bonuses are yet to be paid players and officials of both the Super Eagles and the Flying Eagles for recent matches.