Terrorism: BAN Commends Nigerian Military, Calls on Militants to Dialogue


Sunday Okobi

In its effort to boost the morale of the Nigerian military to overcome various crises beclouding the country presently, Brothers Across Nigeria (BAN) has called on all Nigerians to unite and support the military, as it commended the Nigerian armed forces for its attempt to prevent the daily bombings in Nigeria.

While speaking with journalists at the palace of Chief Emmanuel Okafor Ngwu, the traditional minister of Umunevo Ogui Nike community in Enugu State, BAN President, Chief Charles Okonkwo, thanked the military authorities for the efforts it had so far put in the fight against terrorism in the country, adding that but for the indomitable Nigerian military, the country would have been overwhelmed by series of crises.

According to him, “We are happy that the days of everyday bombing of churches and mosques have been curbed to a reasonable extent. From recent events, it’s evident that the Nigerian armed forces have greatly limited the ability of terrorists to massacre people mostly in the North-east. The recent sprinkle of attacks are just the spasmodic movement of a decapitated serpent, which would soon be over.”

Speaking further at the lunch of Support Our Troops Against Terrorists (SOTAT)) which took place in Enugu recently, the group’s Board of Trustees (BoT), Chairman and Coordinator of SOTAT also commended the ‘stick and carrots’ approach being used by the soldiers in tackling militancy in the Niger Delta region.

He called on the Niger Deltan militants to sheathe their swords and accept the call for dialogue put forward by the federal government, adding that the wisdom of peace is higher than that of rancour.

On the overall mission of the social justice and non-profit organisation, its leader, Okonkwo, told journalists that: “Brothers Across Nigeria is a group that bonds men across tribes, tongues and religion into a cauldron of unity.
He disclosed that BAN would hold its next zonal conference in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital, where it plans to pay courtesy call on military installations and traditional institutions as well as call upon Nigerians for patriotic duties to their beloved nation.