Firm Launches Education TV Channel for Indigenous Family Entertainment


A Lagos-based firm, R-Wells Media has launched a new children’s channel, Jyb TV on Star Times (channel 361) to address increasing parents’ concerns over children’s viewing habits and growing demand for wholesome indigenous family entertainment.

The new channel has been developed to inspire learning, ignite passion and aid total development of young minds between six and 24 age old, and assist parents who crave for moral and ethical entertainment for their growing children. The channel was launched as part of programmes to commemorate this year’s Children’s Day and Day of the African Child, which comes up on June 16.

StarTimes’sprogrammes are available in seven genres: children, documentary, news and current affairs, music, movies and general entertainment, sport and religion. For children, StarTimes offers JimJam, Nickelodeon, Da Vinci Learning, NTA Knowledge, PoP and Child’s Smile.
The educative, enriching and entertaining Jyb TV is the latest children channel to be launched on StarTimes and will offer the best in fun and educational programming for the family. From fact highlights, vox pops, health talks, school programmes, talk shows, drama and debates, Jyb TV will inspire conversation and spark curiosity in young minds.

According to the Marketing Director, StarTimes, Dare Kafar, “Jyb TV enables future leaders to learn, find their passion and pursue their dreams on a very local but enriching, exciting and wholesome platform that support parents in raising decent champions.

“The time is right to offer another local but world class channel to parents and children. We are aware of the issue around screen time, so we needed to create a solution which allows children to watch shows which are fun, educational and that encourage imagination as there is still merit in what they can learn and absorb from the right programming.”

The Managing Director, R-Wells Media, Mrs. Jibe Ologeh said, “Jyb TV is a 24/7 television station offering indigenous content for children, teenagers and young adults. It is the go to station for quality children and youth oriented programming and promises to deliver wholesome content that will enrich the lives of its viewers.”

She highlighted some of the key shows on the channel to include ‘Young Scholars’, its flagship leading entertaining and educative television programme for children. The programme embraces scholars within the ages of seven-21; focuses on developing young talents and provides a platform for young minds to express themselves.

According to her, ‘Our Future’gives the child (per episode) the opportunity to live out a day of his/he dream career. Children get the opportunity to sit with a career counsellor and obtain a feel of what is in store for them in the chosen occupation.

‘Scholars Chat’ she saidis a TV talk show where selected young scholars sit to chat and discuss issues affecting children and teenagers either directly or indirectly. The topics may be scholastic, personal, social, religious, political or any issue of interest.

Another programme Ologeh said is the ‘Cultural Hub’, an African cultural show that explores and showcases to scholars the importance and values of the African culture.

Other programmes are ‘School on TV’, which provides viewers with well detailed lessons on major academic subjects; ‘In Charge’, whichprovides a platform for creative youths who own their businesses or are making a living for themselves engaging in the creative industries. “It aims to expose and encourage youths with some level of skill or technical ability already navigating their way in these industries: fashion, art, design, music (production preferably), film, writing, creative blogging, performing art, curating, theatre and photography.

Also, ‘Diamond in the Rough’provides a platform for emerging exceptionally skilled young adults to showcase their abilities.

“Our vision is to provide educative and entertaining content that will impact positively on the lives of our audience; to be the number one indigenous channel for children and young adults, promoting Nigerian culture locally and internationally,”Ologeh said.