DPA to Present Official Research on State of the Nation to Buhari


Godbless Eduviere

As part of plans to keep citizens and the government updated on the successes of its yearlong campaign on “End Sexual Harassment and Bribery in Nigerian Colleges”, the founder of Dream Project for Africa, Oluwabukola Nelson has declared his team’s intention to meet with President Mohammadu Buhari soon in order to present official documentations and reports from its campaign and researches that could boost government’s efforts at rebuilding the crashing educational system. “DPA will keep this tradition for as long as the organisation exist”, said Nelson.

He also explained that since April 2015, Dream Project for Africa has provided free consultation worth N20 million in logistics and human hours on behalf of the government and has contributed to resolving issues ranging from academic corruption to fight against terrorism. “More importantly, we have been able to reignite the hope of Africans living abroad in coming back to their motherland to rebuild its walls.” DPA will also be launching its second annual campaign, which will focus on the importance and benefits of paying tax and the need for government to invest taxpayers’ money into programmes that can outlive each administration thereby creating systems that serve the society and the nation over generations.