Ikoyi Passport Office Goes Hard on Touts, Prosecutes Offenders


Chiemelie Ezeobi

Following the countless cases of fraud perpetrated on passport applicants by fraudulent persons, the Ikoyi Passport Office, Lagos, said on Monday that it has and will continue to go hard on touts who perpetuate such illegalities.

The Ikoyi Passport Control Officer (PCO), Deputy Controller of Immigration, Kayode Eniolorunda, who made this disclosure, said he started his tenure with a vow to sanitise the unit of touting and delay in passport processing.

Eniolorunda, who was reacting to recent allegations that the Ikoyi immigration officers were fond of asking applicants for money, said corruption has no place under his watch.

He said upon assumption of office in September 2015, he had pledged to ensure that all applicants are attended to within four hours in the absence of any unforeseen circumstances.

While admitting that the issue of touts besieging passport offices and swindling people of their hard earned money, is a big problem, he said the Ikoyi unit was on top of their game.

He said the unit has arrested countless touts and have ensured that they are being prosecuted within the ambits of the law, with some still in the custody of the courts.

He said, “Touting is a big problem that we have but we have been sensitising applicants on the need to shun them and go to the right source. We placed such messages strategically around our offices and outside.”