School Children Should be Protected against Psychological Torture, Says Rotary President



Martins Ifijeh
The President of Rotary Club of Ikoyi Metro, Mr. Micheal Smith Atoe has stated that most children in primary schools undergo psychological torture due to dearth of basic social amenities in their various schools.

Speaking during the commissioning of educational projects by Rotary Club District 9110. He emphasized that when primary schools lack the enabling materials and environment for learning, the children will most likely be degraded both psychologically and educationally.

According to him, children need not go through such harrowing experience because that represents the foundation on which they will live their lives upon.

He berated corporate bodies, well-to-do organisations and churches who do not give back to the society. “Churches have a larger role to play but only few are performing that role in the society,” adding that, “ if the church in its own capacity have been able to pull people and funds together, then they should as well help in lifting the society.
“Rotary is doing its own part which we have seen, but what about the corporate bodies? there are corporate bodies around and basically there are churches around.

While handing over construction of desks and the restructuring of Dordan Barracks Primary School classrooms to the management of the school, he said making a thousand desk was not up to two million naira, adding that, a business class ticket cost 1.5 million naira just to do a six hours trip whether to the UK or Europe, “yet fails to give back to the society after all profit made,” he explained.

Mr. Atoe, explained that as a rotary member, part of its objectives is to be one’s brother’s keeper. He further urged parents, government and corporate citizens to once in a while go on community facility tour, to see to these problem and in their own capacity render helps to develop the society.