…And the Enemies Submitted Berths in Lagos


Mary Ekah
The biennial two-day power packed programme of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries tagged, “… And the Enemies Submitted”, is equipped to deliver mankind from the present perilous times as the whole world is experiencing the worse period of times presently.

Scheduled to hold from tomorrow, Saturday, June 11 to Sunday, June 12 at the Chosen Revival Ground, Along Oshodi-Apapa Expressway, Ijesha, Lagos by 8am daily, the programme which is interdenominational in nature, is expected to address the various deliverance needs of the nation and the world at large.

In a statement by Public Relation Officer of the church, Pastor Louis Chidito announcing the forthcoming programme, the General Overseer of the church, Pastor Lazarus Muoka noted, “When the enemies of mankind-devil, demons and human agents might have done their worse, God visits through this programme to bring them to submission.

As we all are aware that for some time now, the activities of these enemies have increased in our nation and all over the world, killing, robbery, kidnapping, political turmoil, terrorism, economic recession, pestilence, diseases, poverty, insecurity etc., abound, which are apparent everywhere. No nation or human beings can stop these end time activities beside the Almighty God unto whom every knee shall bow; no wonder He has decided to intervene in this programme to deal with them to submission through His great power. So, as we call upon God in these two days programme all our enemies shall submit with their attendant problems in Jesus name.”

According to him, the crusade is aimed at winning great souls and also preparing the saints for the coming of the Saviour Jesus Christ. “Thus, it is part of our continuous evangelical campaign to meet the threefold visions and 10 billion souls mandate before the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

“It is no longer in doubt that the world is going through its worst perilous time and this has given room for the enemies of mankind to multiply their wicked enterprises. Seeing the situation of man, God has decided through this programme to deliver mankind from the jaws of their enemies. It does not matter the circumstances surrounding your captivity or how strong your enemy may be, our assurance is that God has set aside the two days to intervene in the affairs of His people, to set them free from all forms of bondages which they have been subjected to by their enemies. God has heard the cry of mankind in every area of their life not excluding economics, political, health, family amongst other things and has decided to come down to stop the enemy from feeding His people with bread of hopelessness.”

Muoka assured that God Almighty will on that day in a dimension never witnessed before demonstrates His power to deliver people in all aspect of life, noting that, the crusade is designed to be a spiritual measure meant to deal with the enemies of the political and economic growth of Nigeria. “It is going to be a refreshing spiritual answer to national and international crises that have bedevilled this country and by extension our generation. At the end of the crusade, it is certain there will be a total transformation for the better in every aspect of human endeavours and consequently attendant tension shall be no more,” he added.

The statement further noted that the programme, which will be presided over by the icon of revival evangelism, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, will witness salvation, sanctification, Holy Ghost baptism, deliverances from spiritual limitation, demonic possession, barrenness of the womb, intellectual and financial barrenness, to deliverance from physical challenges such as paralyses of all kinds, diseases, sicknesses, economic and political and many others.

“As the Pastor ministers deliverance to the people, the supernatural anointing that accompanies his messages will break every yoke of the enemies that gave rise to their captivities. Indeed by this programme the end of the enemies has come. It is expected to attract an unprecedented crowd going by what was witnessed in the last event. By this programme God has stretched His hand of mercy to you and informing you that all good things are ready for you on that day. You cannot afford to miss it. Come and be liberated from the entanglement of the enemy. Come and experience the power of God in another dimension. Come and you shall be blessed.”

Free transport arrangement has been made by the ministry to convey participants to the venue from any location within the Lagos metropolitan city. And most importantly provision has been made for a digitalised security measure that will address any breach of order.