Ex-Indian Minister Asks His Country to Ban Nigerians


A former minister in India, Ravi Naik, has asked his country’s authorities to impose a ban on Nigerians.
According to The Times of India, Naik made this statement while speaking with journalists. “The central government should ban Nigerians,” he reportedly said at a press conference.

Referring to Nigerians as “negroes”, the politician accused them of causing trouble “everywhere.”
“Even the Aam Aami Party leaders had a fight with Nigerians in Bengaluru,” he said.

“They create problems everywhere… We do not want Nigerian tourists.” He accused some Nigerians in Goa, a state in the Asian country, of masquerading as students, demanding a probe into their activities.

Kiran Kandolkar, Goa spokesman, has demanded an apology from Naik over the controversial statement.
“Ravi Naik should tender an apology. The statements made by Naik, according to The Cable, are insulting and uncalled for,” he said yesterday. India is one of the countries which President Muhammadu Buhari has visited since he came to power.

During the trip, the Nigerian leader met with the country’s prime minister and other top government officials. Both countries also pledged to strengthen their bilateral relationship.
Buhari also met with the Nigerian community there and assured them of his government’s commitment to their well-being.
Though Nigerians are used to being criticised all over the world, disparaging remarks like that of Naik is not a common occurrence.