Odukoya Empowers a Community



Defying the fuel scarcity last weekend, thousands gathered at the Fountain of Life Church for the Word Explosion Conference. The conference is an annual teaching convention hosted by Taiwo Odukoya, senior pastor of The Fountain of Life Church.

Over the years, Odukoya has positioned himself as one with an astute grasp of human capital and the required social and spiritual investment to tap into their potential. Whether through his editorial contributions or his several social development initiatives, he has shown, over and again, his commitment to the people under his influence and to Nigeria at large.

Speaking at the conference this year were Bill Johnson, Randy Clark and Blaine Cook who came with an entourage of volunteers and ministers pulled from across the globe, many of whom were in Nigeria for the first time and who also spoke glowingly of the reception and warmth they felt from being received in Lagos. Dr. Mike Okonkwo, presiding Bishop of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission, also spoke in his usual charismatic style.

Themed ‘Supernatural Manifestation’, the teachings, though simple were riveting; from Blaine Cook, who spoke animatedly about the unconventional experience that changed his life and defined his ministry to Bill Johnson, whose flawless teaching kept the audience bound in rapt attention.
The goal of conferences like this, according to Odukoya, is to raise a community of empowered Christians who will in turn go into their communities to make a difference.