Community Urges Kwara Governor to Elevate Elekan of Eka-Meje to First Class King


Adedayo Adejobi

The people of Ekan-Meje in Oke Ero Local Government Area of Kwara State have appealed to the state governor, Dr Abdulfatah Ahmed to elevate the Elekan of Eka-Meje to a first Class Oba.

The National President of Ekan Development Association, Professor Germe Adebayo Omotosho made the appeal on behalf of the sons and daughters of the Ekan community.

They revealed that the Elekan has been most senior Oba in the history of the present Oke-Ero Local Government.

Omotosho expressed surprise that people were peddling rumour that a monarch junior to the Elekan in Oke-Ero Local Government, is now being penciled down for the First Class Chieftancy title, saying that the speculation has seriously worried the people of Ekan Community.

“It is a strange thing to us to hear that a very Junior Oba to Elekan is now going to upgraded to a First class Oba. We therefore are appealing to His Excllency, the Executive Governor, Dr Abdulfatah Ahmed to look at the issue in a justifiabke manner, thus doing the needful/ we are not quarrelling with anybody, all we want is equity and justice served with regards the upgrading the stool of Elekan of Ekan to a First Class Oba.’’ Prince Adedayo Alex Kehinde Bankole said

“Historically, Ekan community is one of the ancient Yoruba towns in Kwara State, the Elekan of Ekan has been a beaded crown ruler from her foundation. As a result of written historical data by its ancestors, and the fact that its people then being unlettered and the language unwritten, all that is known from traditions were carefully handed down to them by their ancestors.

“The Elakan has been a Senior Oba in Oke-Ero Local Government. In the sixties when the upgrading strated, Elekan was one of the first three or four Pbas upgraded to the third class Chied while other monarchs were not even monarch recognized at all ,as at that time. When the second upgrading came in 1983 , the Elekan was amongst the three Obas given Second Class Obaship tiles, whilst others were given third class Obaship titles.” Bankole revealed

Bankole also said: “We have the belief that our Governor has listening ears, and that he will look into the matter, thus giving us the conviction that our plea will be passionately and objectively looked into and resolved ,might there be any truth in the rumours making the rounds on the seeming circumventing of due Obaship upgrade.”

The Ekan community also appealed to the Emir of Ilorin Dr. Ibrahim Sulu Gamabari, who is also the chairman, Council of traditional Chiefs in Kwara State, to also intervene in the matter, with a view to ensuting justice is served on the issue, with merit given t deserving candidate without fear and favour.