Phase3 Telecom Pushes for ICT Gender Equality


Phase 3 Telecoms has restated its commitment to ensuring gender parity. The firm, which sponsored the 2016 International Girls in ICT Day global celebrations, said it believed strongly in the girl education, adding that women are adjudged to be better managers of resources.

Phase3 Telecom said it would continue to be associated with moves aimed at sustaining global awareness of the imperatives of early ICT education and consistent training of girls to advance technological innovation, eradicate poverty and boost the role of the female gender in global development efforts.

It is notable that in West Africa, women are significantly under-represented across the board in ICT sector – from education and training programmes right through to high level careers both in the academia or industry. The Girls in ICT is an initiative of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in its global effort to raise awareness on the need to empower and encourage girls and young women to consider studies and careers in ICTs.

Chief Executive Officer of Phase3 Telecom, Mr. Stanley Jegede said championing great initiatives that open women and girls to great technological possibilities, was not only key to Africa’s sustained development but are morally just platforms to ensuring that the girl-child harnesses the right opportunities aimed at empowerment and growth.

Phase3, he said, would continue to support/drive programmes that encourage girls and young adult females to pull careers that will grow the IT/STEM sector and transform the world positively.

“To also eradicate poverty and solidify the role of women in nation building; the sustained representation of women in the world of technology is very key especially when they are encouraged early to see the advantages and dividends of the dynamic and fast-evolving-sector. Thus, maintaining that is basis for Phase3 Telecom’s commitment to continue to support the International Girls in ICT day initiative,” Jegede said.

Meanwhile, Jegede has emerged “Africa Telecom Entrepreneur of the Year” during a ceremony organised by Africa Information Technology and Telecom Awards (AITTA) in Accra, Ghana.
Represented at the awards by its General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Mr. Akeem Adeshina, the CEO expressed gratitude to the organisers for the recognition, adding that it is a call to do more in the area of connecting the entire West African sub-region.

Jegede, who is currently on Phase3 project tour said: “The continuous painstaking effort and hard work put into expanding West Africa’s largest and indigenous telecom infrastructure network to enhance the sub-region’s options for route diversity, local/international redundancy and to remove heavy reliance on traditional connectivity; is made all the more worthwhile by the AITTA acknowledgement and could not have come at a more better time not just for me but for the entire Phase3 family.”

He said the focus of the firm has always been to proffer solutions on connectivity and access that open limitless opportunities for African businesses to thrive and compete on the global space.