TransRoyal Courier Partners YPS to Boost International Delivery


By Emma Okonji

TransRoyal Courier Nigeria Limited, one of the oldest-thriving indigenous courier companies in Nigeria, is set to enhance international e-commerce delivery, through a partnership with (YPS).
Relying on its pedigree, TransRoyal said the partnership would enable it leverage’s, almost two decades, experience in helping shoppers and business owners alike to shop across border and deliver parcels directly to their doors.
Thrilled by the opportunities the new partnership provides for the seventeen years old company, the Managing Director, TransRoyal Courier, Mrs. Vivian Okeke, said the venture heralds multiple gains to the stakeholders, adding that online shoppers can be confident of safe delivery after shopping on thousands of international e-commerce portals that originally do not ship to Nigeria.

“We are excited by this partnership with because of the multifaceted benefits to both the individual shoppers and the economy. There are thousands of international websites that do not ship to Nigeria. So, we thought of the best way to give Nigerians the opportunity to partake in the global market without necessarily spending thousands of dollars on visa and air ticket.”
“We found YPS as having the required experience and knowledge in global shipping logistics, package consolidation, export compliance and customs documentation; so the partnership was ignited to give us (Nigerians) value for their money,” Okeke added.
She also said that adequate measures had been put in place to ensure rancor-free delivery system even as they pledged to delivery parcels from United States of America and China within 5-8 working days and United Kingdom and other parts of Europe within 3-5 working days.

Explaining further on how the platform operates, she said, “To make shopping more fun and easier for our existing and potential clients, we developed a ‘virtual address’ and unique (YPS) ID in the US, China, or Europe. So, you need not border. With your very own virtual address and unique YPS ID we help you affordably ship your favourite overseas brands and purchases directly to your doorstep.”
“Simply sign up with YPS; it automatically provides you with virtual addresses in the locations aforementioned to shop ‘locally’. We then take the delivery from there to your doorstep in Nigeria. Nevertheless, as way of ensuring security and eliminating confusion in the system it is imperative that immediately after using your virtual address to shop, notify us by clicking on  ‘add shopped details’ to upload the details of what you have bought and to let YPS know when to expect the package. So uploading your order is a must as it allows YPS staffers to identify your package and how to dispatch it to your address in Nigeria,” Okeke said.

“Through your customer dashboard, you can track your parcels movement as well. The essence, is typically to efficiently and economically move the products that our clients purchase from online portals to the distribution warehouses in China, Europe and the United States and other geographic hubs to rapidly transport to registered YPS partners like TransRoyal and others across the globe,” she added.
The explained that with its robust distribution channels scattered across major cities in Nigeria, TransRoyal has also taken into cognisance the need to deliver to rural dwellers that seemed virtually forgotten by similar platforms in the past.