Firm Introduces Lifestyle Drink, Seeks to Boost Job Creation


The management of East Hem Liquids Limited has introduced into the Nigerian market, a lifestyle drink and detoxifier known as Last Shot.
The firm explained that the product, which is the first if its kind in the Nigerian market would help create job opportunities in the country.
Speaking at the unveiling of the product in Lagos at the weekend, the Vice Chairman of East Hem Liquids, Mr. Ed Ukaonu said that his firm owns the right for the product for the whole of Africa and its long-term goal is to have a manufacturing station here in Nigeria that services every country in Africa.
“So, you can begin to imagine the different opportunities it creates. So, we are very excited about that. We all have various toxins in our body. But when you drink whatever you drink, this drink allows you to flush it. There is no other product in the market today that can rival us. This is a drink to help resolve hangover issues.
“Our market immediately is Lagos and from here we shall spread to other parts of the country gradually. Over the next few months, we shall start opening outlets. We are focusing on Lagos for various reasons, this is the business capital of Africa and we wants to start here.”
Speaking further on the product, he described Last Shot as a premium recovery and detox drink that helps prevent hangovers after a period of alcohol consumption.
According to Ukaonu, the product was manufactured under the strictest standards for producing food and beverage products in the United States of America.
“Last Shot contains essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, electrolytes and antioxidants. And with only five calories per can and zero sugar, Last Shot is deliciously refreshing and a great choice of beverage for health conscious individuals. Last Shot can be enjoyed on its own or as a mixer with your favorite party drink,” he added.
Ukaonu said “Apart from helping prevent hangovers after a “night out”, Last Shot helps in rehydration after a ‘work out’ or a long active day.”
Explaining how the completely sugar free drink works as a recovery drink, Ed noted that “Last Shot contains key ingredients such as Glucorate which is found naturally in fruits and vegetables, along with other vitamins like B12 that help remove toxins in the liver. This allows your body to detox naturally and helps prevent cell damage and dehydration associated with “playing hard”.
“Frequent restroom use after drinking alcohol can deplete your body of electrolytes needed to keep your muscles and nervous system running.”
Also, the General Manager of East Hem Liquids, Kodili Ukaonu, said the premium, non-alcoholic drink which is already available in major supermarkets, clubs, bars and lounges around Lagos, adding that it would redefine the Nigerian drinks lifestyle landscape.