What’s New on TV



As far as the definition of new goes, these programmes/shows may not be described as ‘new’ because they are not so new. But one thing is for sure, they are new to this page. Let’s begin with the most prominent:

•Hush-Africa Magic Showcase

Hush is described by its producers as a telenovela much like Hotel Majestic which had a wonderful run on the same channel. Hush premiered on Africa Magic Showcase (dstv channel 151) on Monday April 4, 2016 on the prime time 8pm slot, same time Hotel Majestic ran on. It then bumped Jikulumessu down to 9 pm.

The ‘Hush’ story is set around Bem Tsenugo (Richard Mofe-Damijo) and Arinola Cardoso (Thelma Okoduwa). Bem is the very influential fashion designer and owner of the House Of Tsenogu with powerful connections thanks to his links to an exclusive gentlemen’s club. Arinola is the courageous woman daring to enter the murky world that’s politics . She wants to govern Lagos State. The rest of what makes Hush is the drama surrounding Bem, his fashion house, staff, kids, etc. Arinola also comes complete with her own baggage: disgruntled god-sister turned biological sister in the form of Nse (Uche Mac-Auley), ex-husband Tokunbo (Nonso Odogwu). Then there are her political enemies and all the ‘poli-tricking’ involved in politics.

Hush has all the ingredients to deliver a truly engaging telenovela. And there are aspects I find entertaining. I like the chemistry between sisters Oye (Ade Laoye) and Koko (Meg Otanwa). Ade Laoye also has her role as the super-efficient almost manic assistant down to an art. Uche Nwoefuna in the role of Vina reminds me of Linda Ihuoma Ejiofor as Bimpe in Tinsel. Feisty, life of the party, can be mischievous although Vina appears more street smart than Bimpe and also has a slightly vicious streak.

Must say I’m pleasantly impressed by Thelma Okoduwa. Her interpretation of Arinola very believable and easy to relate to. The women appear to be winning this one. But I’m happy as I’m sure many women are to see RMD in action. His onscreen sons: Adze (Baaj Adebule) and Tes (Mawuli Gavor) are a winning bonus. Meanwhile, there are errors in the credits. Tsenugo is written as Tsenogu. Nse is wrongly spelled as Ntse. Since the character’s surname is Idongesit, I assume this Ntse is the same Nse (Obong, etc) we’re all used to.

But if I could change one thing though: It would have to be in the montage. That picture/shot of a forefinger pressed to a woman’s lips signaling ‘hush’ is not really ‘sexy’. And there’s something about the montage . Perhaps they were going for classy and understated? But the combination of the awkward finger and the bronze/mud coloured lips, not chic at all.

And if I may add, Rotimi Adelegan playing governor wannabe and resident bad guy (Folahan Majekodunmi) needs to tone down the husky voice.

All said, you may want to give Hush a look in.

•Bukas and Joints -AIT

As its same suggests, Bukas and Joints is about food. That should be self-explanatory especially if you’re Nigerian or live in Nigeria. Bukas and Joints takes the viewer round Nigeria showcasing a variety of food from very accessible joints. It is hosted by Olisa Adibua.

Bukas and Joints is fairly new, having made its debut Sunday March 20, 2016 and it is a weekly show. That means there would’ve been a few editions since then but I have only seen one-the episode with Tubaba at The Calabar Kitchen in Ikeja, Lagos, Sunday May 1, 2016.

I still have to watch a few more episodes of Bukas and Joints. Suffice it to say that it is a welcome concept. We do need more shows about Nigerian food.

For now, you can catch Bukas and Joints on AIT (dstv 253) and Startimes channel 128, Sundays, 7 pm.


CCT and the big rat on AIT.

-AIT news, Tuesday April 19, 2016, 12 pm-ish.

Anni Davies was the news correspondent bringing the news that afternoon on AIT. It was the news about some activists who were protesting the proposed bill to amend the Code of Conduct Bureau and Tribunal Act. I didn’t get the group’s name but I do recall it wasn’t any of the newly popular ones like that which sounds like SHARRAP.

My attention was drawn to the words I heard on TV: ‘They smell a big rat.’ I do know we prefer to do an overkill. The phrase is ‘smell a rat.” Whether it’s an ‘elephant-rat’ or ‘ant-rat’, when suspicious, it’s okay to just smell a rat.

The other issue was the correct pronunciation of bureau. Is it ‘boo-rio’ (butio) or ‘boo-roo’? Anni prefers to boo-roo.

“Two fear deaded in Maiduguri bomb blast.”

-ITV News headlines, Thursday May 12, 2016, 4.32 pm-ish.

To be fair, one other station, NTA (I think) also made a mistake with this news item. They said “Two feared death” in Maiduguri bomb blast. Must be the shock from the news about the bomb blast seeing as Maiduguri has been enjoying relative peace and tranquility in recent times.

Brymo, Chocolate City and STV

On Thursday May 12, 2016 on Silverbird TV (STV) there was a report about Brymo and the real reason he lost his court case against his former record label, Chocolate City. According to the report Brymo thinks the Choc City guys must have helped kill the case but claimed he won. How? “I don’t know what they did but they definitely spoke to the judge and spoke to the lawyers and scrapped the case, they are lawyers; they can do it.”

This report was not exclusive to STV. I found out later that several other news outlets reported Brymo’s interview which he had granted to Beat FM, Lagos. But from the STV perspective, many questions were left unanswered. Top on that list of questions would be whether Brymo had been represented by a lawyer of group of lawyers. If yes, where are they? And if no, was he barred from hiring the services of lawyers?

Meanwhile, I assume the point of the report/interview was to promote Brymo’s latest CD, Klitoris. I have been holding my breath waiting for a TV/Radio presenter to say the name of Brymo’s new CD in a news report. And this STV male reporter whose name I didn’t catch finally said it: “Klee-trees.” Klee-trees? Well, I suppose this is the equivalent of the Igbo phonetic prononciation of slippers: ‘seel-pers.’ But can you blame the presenter? What was Brymo thinking?

Speaking of which, I still don’t know anything about this ‘klee-trees.’ Does it feature a track titled ‘Uterus’? And are the proceeds from the CD sale going to help victims of FGM? By the way, FGM means female genital mutilation. Questions, questions… I know the easiest way to find out is to buy the CD and see things for myself, yes? No. I’m not buying any ‘klee-trees.’ I’ll just have to wait to hear its songs on Radio and watch any videos on TV. Yes, I’m small-minded like that. This is beginning to sound like a Facebook rant.

Truth is, I’m a Choc City/Brymo fan. And like that child holding out hope (against hope, it seems) that his parents would reunite, I’ve been waiting to hear the ‘good news’ of Brymo’s return to Choc City. Yet, instead of a reconciliation, all I get is regurgitation. I bought Brymo’s last CD, Merchants and Dealers. Wouldn’t say I was blown away. It’s not about Brymo’s talent-he is uber talented. Perhaps, a Choc City touch could’ve added something extra. Who knows?

To refresh, we the ordinary viewers and listeners need informed commentary, analysis from entertainment reporters. Someone, preferably someone who has real knowledge, needs to help the viewer put things in proper perspective. There ought to be more than ‘He said’, ‘She said’ reportage.