Goodluck Jonathan and Friends…


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The Private Pain of the Former President

Yes, his phones are no longer buzzing like high-pitched alarums. Indeed, friendship is overrated. Oftentimes it leaves a man vulnerable to the elements. The glare of false smiles betrayed Goodluck Jonathan to believe that he had friends.

Now that he is no longer President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Goodluck Jonathan understands that friends you make in high office leave you in the lurch no sooner than you are rid of power. Unlike fictional Brutus, Jonathan needs not wait for the cock to crow before he experiences the lacerating slash of treachery; some of his associates and friends whom he helped turn into billionaire oil magnates, brazenly flaunt and flash their deadly daggers stained with his blood, before his very eyes and the full glare of the world. They have cast morality and decency to the winds to enact lethal deeds of treachery and deceit against the man variously regarded as their benefactor and mastermind of their fortune.

The former president of Nigeria is particularly saddened over his desertion by men and women whose self-confessed loyalty gave him comfort back when he was the country’s Head of State. Today, bank chiefs, oil barons, political associates and lobbyists who went to great lengths to display their goodwill and loyalty to him then don’t want anyone to link him to them. Call them Jonathan’s friends, they spit into air and receive it in measured cadence. They don’t want to be associated with him at all. Power is indeed ephemeral and loyalty is transient.

Wedding Bell Blues…John Shittu and Vivian Chiologi Plan Fabulous Wedding

Love found John Shittu unexpectedly. The fabled passion of the ancients hit him like a flash of lightning in the wake of a rainstorm. By the time he came to his senses, Shittu had fallen head over heels in love with Vivian Chiologi. The latter, a popular Lagos socialite, is the woman of Shittu’s dreams. She is the better half he had been waiting for since he lost his beloved wife to the grim reaper few years ago.
Hardly anyone knew that Shittu and Vivian were in a relationship. The couple cleverly kept it under wraps. However, Shittu and Vivian are set to wed each other on June 6, 2016 at the Mayfair Library, London, United Kingdom. Before he met Vivian, the London-based manager of Nigerian Super Eagles star, Mikel Obi, lived life on the fast lane, having lost his wife to untimely death few years ago. Shittu refused to marry and made many ladies happy and fulfilled in their dalliances with him.

Shittu was no doubt the darling of many a high society lady and he milked this reality with unusual gusto. He was a ladies’ man and he had plenty of cash and love to throw around. But all that is history now. Shittu has given his heart to Vivian Chiologi thus he will no longer be generous with his love. No doubt, many women would be heartbroken as Shittu takes a wide berth from the streets and their loins. Vivian is in her early 50s. Vivian, a popular society lady in Lagos is also a fashionista of note and she is notable for her appearance at the most exclusive parties in the city’s annals.

Marital Tragedy! Kojo Williams’ Second Marriage Crashes

Fairy tales never last forever. Little wonder celebrity marriages crash and burn in record time. Despite his status and the frills of affluence, the wedding vow – For richer, or poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part – did not really work for Kojo Williams. What was supposed to be his fairytale has mutated into a nightmare.
It would be recalled that Kojo Williams and his second wife, Isidora Adewunmi, second daughter of His Royal Majesty Oba Michael Adeniyi Sonariwo, the Akarigbo of Remo Land, Ogun state, got married in a grand wedding ceremony that attracted society heavyweights, celebrities and celebutantes few months ago. However, it is no secret that the celebrity lovers have gone their separate ways, after failing to salvage their troubled marriage.

Now, she is despondent. Adewunmi has literally become like the languid breeze blowing listlessly across shrivelling meadows. Much as she tries to hide it, her face is now permanently etched with furrows of deep worries. So sad! According to an insider, their marriage was allegedly dogged by disagreements over how things should be done and the kind of lifestyle they ought to adopt as a couple. Following years of separation from his first wife, Remi, he decided to pitch his tent with Isidora Adewunmi. Kojo sacked his first wife, a dentist in the person of Dr. Remilekun Williams, years ago over what was termed irreconcilable differences.


Every arrow that flies feels the attraction of earth. Thus like the proverbial arrow, Musiliu Obanikoro felt the great pull of the earth in his frantic leap for glory and political power at the last general elections. But like a broken arrow, he plummeted to the earth the way the ill-fated projectile does seconds after leaving the bowstring. The former Senator and Minister of State for Defence failed woefully in his bid to become Lagos governor but in the wake of his futile political exploits, he has recorded enviable success in the academia.

While pundits mocked his futile attempt to become Lagos governor and his suspicious stay outside the country in apparent bid to escape the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Obanikoro shocked many of his loyalists and detractors as he bagged a Degree from the reputable Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, America.

Obanikoro graduated on May 13, 2016 after bagging a Post-graduate qualification in History despite the many troubles he faced with his alleged participation in the rigging of Ekiti State Election in 2014 and his son’s alleged indictment for allegedly receiving N4.75billion from the former National Security Adviser (NSA), Sambo Dasuki.

Amid speculations that Obanikoro fled the country to seek refuge abroad, the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain has shocked many people by his recent academic attainment. To celebrate his achievement, the fun-loving dude held a small get-together in his Atlanta home.


The Edo governor, Adams Oshiomhole, and wife, Iara Forte, scorned elaborate celebration to hold a low-key first wedding anniversary, no doubt. Contrary to popular expectations, Governor Oshiomhole opted for a very quiet and low profile celebration as his marriage to his beautiful wife clocked one year. It would be recalled that the couple got married in 2015, in a two-part classic and grand wedding ceremony held in Edo State, Nigeria and Seychelles, the bride’s homeland. So grand was their wedding and so smitten were they over each other that many people believed that Governor Oshiomhole would treat his wife to a fabulous bash in celebration of their first marriage anniversary. But that was hardly the case as the Edo State governor chose to celebrate quietly with his wife. A very close source to the governor however, revealed that he still has plans to celebrate his first anniversary with his wife. The source said Governor Oshiomhole promised to make the ceremony private and exclusive for very few important personalities in the country


Bliss activates in the heart of Nana Otedola as you read. The beautiful wife of billionaire businessman and oil magnate, Femi Otedola, will be a year older in few weeks. To this end, her daughters are planning a grand birthday dinner in her honour at a highly exclusive and luxurious venue in London, United Kingdom (UK).

Nana is no doubt treasured for the crucial roles she plays in the lives of her husband and children. Nana flaunts an abundance of power and emotional strength. She is a great nurturer and she complements her husband’s astuteness with the gift of amazing tact and patience, twin traits by which she influences and assists him to run his business and raise their kids.

Nana glitters far beyond the sparkle of polished diamonds. A lot of women who have accepted or had it imposed upon them in girlhood the old, conservative style of careful modesty in speech and aplomb, have behind their masks an appalling and impregnable conceit of themselves unlike Nana, the ever-gorgeous lady behind Garment Care. She isn’t wrought of such detestable narcissism. She is many things to many people, hence her portrayal in a variety of favourable portraits.

Recently, she cast aside her cloak of reserve to feature more prominently in the social arena, the social media inclusive. Thus it has become common sight to see Nana on Instagram and Twitter, pastimes she was not known for in the past. Although it is unclear what triggered the sudden change in Nana, speculation abound that she is coming out of her cocoon because her billionaire husband, unlike most of his peers, may have relaxed the rules guarding her public appearance.

Nana seems to have successfully navigated that delicate path as her husband, the billionaire oil magnate apparently allows her freedom to roam and flourish in the high society arena. Nana, the woman after whom Femi named his luxurious yacht, is the mother of the famous DJ, Cuppie.


At first glance, the Rolls Royce Phantoms, Porsches, Ferraris, among other luxury cars cluttering the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) car dump in Abuja, look like used cars put up for sale. But the expensive automobiles are not for sale. Rather they are part of the luxury items and property seized from persons of interest in the EFCC’s anti-corruption campaign. The HIGHLIFE findings revealed that the vehicles were confiscated from oil magnates, bank chiefs and other individuals currently undergoing investigation by the EFCC for various types of embezzlement and financial fraud. Many of the cars were allegedly surrendered to the anti-graft agency by their owners in their frantic bid to give up property and account for money looted from state coffers often with the connivance of shady public officers.

As President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption campaign intensifies, the EFCC is set to add more bullet-proof vehicles and expensive, custom built automobiles to the fleet of cars confiscated from subjects of its investigation. Owners of the seized cars are in the anti-graft agency’s dragnet for alleged money laundering, bribery, advance fee fraud and various other forms of corruption. As you read, the vehicles are caking with dust, cobwebs, bird droppings, and rodent infestation. This is no doubt ironic given the luxurious nests of the vehicles in their former owners’ massive mansions. Some of the owners of the seized vehicles have been visiting the spot where the vehicles are parked to stare wistfully at the machines that erstwhile distinguished them as men of class and stature.


Like combatants on a darkling plain, the ranks and file of the PDP is swept by confused alarms of struggle and flight, even as you read.

It’s often said, politicians are like social butterflies. They fly and perch where their lust for political nectar attracts the best possible satisfaction. This substantiates the maxim that in politics, there are no permanent friends or enemies, just permanent interests.

Curiously, he snatched the scepter from tyrants and toppled the apple-cart of enfant terrible tin-gods; now everybody is talking about Kashamu Buruji. As you read, permanent interests have brought Ladi Adebutu and former Speaker, House of Representatives, Dimeji Bankole, together, thus impairing the bond and camaraderie between Senator Buruji Kashamu and Dimeji Bankole.

Findings revealed that fresh crisis is brewing in Ogun State as Dimeji and his loyalists have joined forces with Chief Kessington’s son, Ladi Adebutu, who is also an aspirant for the Ogun State Governorship election in 2019, to fight Senator Buruji Kashamu who is said to have formed a parallel exco of the party in the state. Dimeji and Ladi’s factions merged in readiness to grab the mantle of leadership from Senator Kashamu.

As the intrigues unfurl, peaceful and law-abiding citizens of the rock city patiently await how it will play out. Everyone is in a hurry to see if the Dimeji and Ladi political faction will succeed in its bid to take over the mantle of leadership from Senator Kashamu.


There comes a moment in every socialite’s life when she must decide whether she will persist in extravagance or tow the path of modesty and wisdom – a time when she would choose to remain a faker among phonies or a realist in tune with the times.

Fifi Ejindu, beautiful socialite and architect, finally understands the wisdom of towing the path of modesty. In a manner widely acknowledged as uncharacteristic of her, the ravishing architect opted for a very low-key celebration as she clocked 54 few days ago. This was no doubt unusual for Fifi, who was notable for throwing classy, high octane parties overseas in celebration of every milestone in her life. The queen of high society has apparently abdicated her throne in these hard times, thus leaving her kingdom in bleak and gloomy condition.

The highly sophisticated socialite hails from a solid pedigree. She is the daughter of the late Prof. S.I. Una, the first Minister of Health in the former Eastern Region before it was divided into different states. Fifi, who used to be among the top celebrity women ruling the social space, is no longer regular on the social radar. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Building Support Systems has certainly applied stringent measures on her spending to cope with the austere socioeconomic clime.


Every gadfly has his loved ones. The latter may choose to love and care for him even when he does not deserve it. Thus even though Ayo Fayose, Governor of Ekiti State, incited the ire of his siblings by treating them very badly, the latter have chosen to forgive him the same way the biblical father forgave his prodigal son. Fayose and his brothers have settled the rift between them.

You couldn’t have forgotten so soon the internal wrangling among the Fayose siblings; while the spat lasted, one of the brothers of the Ekiti State governor, Isaac, described the governor as a shame. Isaac, a businessman and owner of Alibi Lounge, Lekki, Lagos, was miffed that his brother could forget their late sister, Bimpe Sorinolu, so soon and he took to the social media to register his anger.

“Gov. Fayose can rush to the media houses to place front page adverts of death wish for Buhari but cannot remember to place a quarter page advert in remembrance of his sister, Bimpe Sorinolu, who died of cancer exactly two years ago today. Shame!” Isaac broadcast via his Blackberry Messenger on Friday morning.

Bimpe died of cancer two years ago in the United Kingdom, where she had gone for treatment. The cold war in the Fayose family is not strange to many. While alive, Bimpe and Fayose were always at loggerheads, likewise Isaac and their other siblings. But today, the governor’s siblings have settled their rift with him.