MyRainbowBooks Awards Creativity


Come May 26, 2016, an award ceremony will be held for the winners of the 2015 MyRainbowBooks national creative writing competition for children. The ceremony, which will hold at The Merit House, Maitama, Abuja, will have in attendance many distinguished guests including key stakeholders in the education sector.

School owners, representatives of schools, winners of the competition, as well as their parents and friends, will also be in attendance. In addition to the many gifts and certificates that will be given to deserving students and schools, there will be a public presentation of the 2016 MRB Children’s Collection which features the best stories and poems from the 2015 competition. The event, which promises to be exciting, inspiring and educative, is opened to the general public.

E-Gaps, Mattini Book Club, Marvelous Mike Press, The Reading House and Fenan Digital Prints Limited supported the 2015 MyRainbowBooks creative writing competition. The team of judges for the 2013/2014 competition included notable writers such as Helon Habila and Tope Folarin, and Nigeria’s foremost Book Culture Advocate, Koko Kalango. Speaking to the press on why she organised the competition, the President of MyRainbowBooks Limited, Mrs. Isang Awah, revealed that the Competition, which is annual and free-to-enter, is organised to help develop children’s creative thinking and writing skills. “It is our way of giving back to the society,” she added.

The competition is annual, free-to-enter, and open to children aged five to 16 years who are either of Nigerian origin or resident in Nigeria. Individuals may enter either a poem or short story while primary and secondary schools can each make a group entry of no more than 20 different writings comprising either poems or short stories or a combination of both.