Nigeria Practising a Pseudo Democracy, Says Oby Ezekwesili


Senator Iroegbu in Abuja

The former World Bank Vice President (Africa) and co-leader of the Bring Back Our Girls Group (BBOG), Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili, has said that what Nigeria is currently practising is not real but pseudo democracy bequeathed to her by the Nigerian military.

She made this observation on Wednesday as a Guest Speaker at a seminar on “Advocacy to Law-makers Seeking Reduction in the Age Limit for Young People Seeking Political Office” with the theme, “Youths in Nigeria: Inclusion and Participation in Politics”.

It was organised by the League of Progressive Ambassadors of Nigeria (LEPAN).

She explained that the Nigerian democracy is founded on the imperfect constitution drafted under the military authorities and handed over for civil rule.

She however noted that even though there are gaps in the constitution, it has helped Nigerian democracy to thrive for 17 years, which is the longest stretch of democratic governance since the country gained independence.

“The democracy we have today might not even be real democracy. It might be a pseudo one based on the Constitution handed over to us by the military. However, we must thank God that we have enjoyed democracy now for 17 years.

“Even though, there are gaps in the Constitution, it still provides the basis to agitate for more improvement in democracy and for inclusive governance,” she said.