Nigerian Elected Councillor in the United Kingdom


ANigerian, Adebayo Murisiku Fasinro was last week elected  councilor in the United Kingdom.
Fasinro, a Muslim from Isale Eko, Lagos Island, joined the growing numbers of other wave-making Nigerians that have been elected into the British political system.
He was elected councillor for Stacey Bushes ward unopposed to Wolverton and Greenleys Town Council on Thursday 5 May, 2016 under the British Labour Party.
The induction (Swearing-in) ceremony for the newly elected British lawmaker has been scheduled for Thursday 12th May, 2016 along with other newly elected Councillors.
After his election, the journalist by training who had a brief practice in Nigeria before moving over to the United Kingdom about three decades ago promised to provide strong leadership to advance the development of his ward and positively impact British politics.
Fasinro disclosed that he developed love for politics when he used to drive his uncle, Alhaji HAB Fasinro to UPN campaigns and as an observer to ward meetings at his uncle’s residence in Victoria Island, Lagos during the second republic in the early eighties.
Labour Party is the main opposition party in Britain and also elected the first Muslim Mayor of London last week in Sadiq Khan. He is married with 3 children.