Online Platform to Boost e-Commerce Debuts in Nigeria


Crusoe Osagie

A multi-functional platform, myKustoma, aimed at boosting traditional, electronic commerce and market research has debuted in the nation’s e-commerce space.

A report made available to THISDAY, said the uniqueness of myKustoma is its wholesomeness and elimination of buyer-seller anonymity, adding that platform is a scalable market aggregation platform designed for all cadre of merchants, service providers as well as buyers to freely interact as they wish either online or offline.

According to the report,‎ “MyKustoma also functions as a directory for buyers looking for services, jobs, vehicles and real estate. Buyers and sellers on myKustoma can share contact and location details, exchange messages, negotiate deals, discounts and may complete transactions offline if they so desire.”

The reports said CBN projects that the e-commerce industry would be worth 2.5 trillion naira ($13 billion) by 2018, maintaining that myKustoma brand enters the Nigerian market to provide an enabling environment to all merchants and service providers.

The report said ‎the innovative platform provides a canvas for Nigeria’s burgeoning serial entrepreneurship to foster, pointing out that since most Nigerians engage in more than one line of business or trade to earn a desired living standard; myKustoma supports their endeavors by providing a single virtual storefront to promote multiple business ventures across Nigeria and the globe.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), myKustoma, Mr. Sylvester Chigbu, said on the launch day that he is not fazed by competition in the e-commerce industry.

He explained:“Competition is good for an emerging industry as individual firms’ efforts are complementary to its growth. People that enjoy other e-commerce platforms would embrace myKustoma too when they discover the platform’s inherent freedom and flexibility. On myKustoma buyers can shop based on proximity and freedom to negotiate terms including pricing with sellers. It is the goal of myKustoma that buyers’ search listings would return merchant entries closest to their immediate location. The buyer may order online and have the item delivered or visit the shop/market to get it. The aim is to empower the buyer with information and freedom to consummate a safe commercial transaction.

He said as a market aggregation platform, myKustoma is a robust and intelligent market research tool, saying that for consumers, myKustoma is where one can compare products, prices, specifications and proximity.

“For sellers and service providers, myKustoma is a lead generation tool. It maintains records of how many people saw your product or service listings, and how many sales came out of them. These are imperative data to guide your next business decision or strategy. myKustoma is visionary. It has promotional elements to help businesses of all sizes reach more people and multiply sales,” he stressed.

The launch of myKustoma is indeed a welcomed development. myKustoma is envisioned to reflect the traditional Nigerian lifestyle. The name myKustoma, captures the ‘my customer’ tag used by both buyers and sellers for endearment. It also addresses the issues of trust, touch and feel of e-commerce by opening up the platform for both online and offline transactions. The sky is the limit for Nigerian businesses, shoppers and entrepreneurs.