Not in My Country

As pervasive as corruption is deemed to be in Nigeria, there are still some sane and concerned voices, fighting the grip of a social malaise, which permeates every segment of the society. It goes beyond hallowed government corridors and corporate boardrooms right into the rooms of the average citizen.

In a series of short innovative and dynamic flicks showcasing various types of corrupt practices titled ‘Not in my Country’ and unveiled to the media in Lagos on Tuesday, a communications expert, Mr. Akin Fadeyi hit the nail on the head.

Corruption, to him, starts from the bottom to top and the average citizens are equally neck-deep in the negative practice, which was showcased by the 24 one-minute flicks shown to an avid audience. The logical solution would be to start the fight against corruption from the bottom to the top of the governance structure in Nigeria. Change must involve every one of us, and corruption must not be allowed to flourish again in this country. Not in my country.

Abimbola Akosile