Omatek Proffers Solution to Nigerian Electricity Problems


Emma Okonji

Omatek Ventures Plc, an integrated Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company, has said its new line of business in the power sector is already yielding results. The company said it is fully positioned to fill the power vacuum in Nigeria.

Omatek’s latest and modern solar factory is now in the best position to immensely provide the assistance towards ensuring that the federal government delivers enduring power to ordinary Nigerians, the company said.

The Group Managing Director of Omatek Ventures, Florence Seriki, who made the disclosure at a recent public forum in Lagos, said the 50KVA three-phase off-grid solar solution commissioned earlier in its factory would provide 24/7 power with 85 per cent reduction in power consumption for factories, banks, telecoms firms, government and other organisations that require big power installations.

Seriki also disclosed that the factory assembles locally the 12watts, 20 watts, 500 watts power solutions that replace the power output from mini generators. She said such from Omatek Ventures could serve small homes, shops, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), churches, rural electrification and rural system, street lighting implementation, schools and for students, farmers among others.

“Why should our students still use lantern to read as we did, in this new digital age?” she queried.
Seriki added: “Omatek is now more than ready to partner the federal government to offer affordable power solutions to communities and rural areas as part of President Muhammadu Buhari’s agenda of finding a lasting solution to the perennial power problems in the country.”

Furthermore she said that the entry cost has dropped since the company reduced the consumption required by about 85 per cent, which eventually reduces the solar wattage requirement.
“However, for this to go round most Nigerians, federal government and state governors can assist by encouraging smooth consumer-type procurement where civil servants can buy on consumer basis and pay over a period from salary deductions,” she said adding that this will bring smiles back to Nigerians as sleeping in the heat can be very depressing.

Students and farmers are not left out from this arrangement as banks, leasing companies, insurance companies, cooperative societies, among others, can consider partnering to assist Nigerians to own this solution.
“Omatek is currently engaging distributors and partners for this change process and for the bright future of our country,” she said.

Commenting on the progress Omatek has achieved since the launch of Omatek LED bulbs installed at the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) that reduced the lighting consumption by 75-90 per cent, the immediate past Minister of Power, Professor Chinedu Nebo, told the media that the country had been concentrating her energy on building power plants, whereas there is Omatek solar-led hybrid solution that is reducing power consumption by an average of 80 per cent thereby saving energy for others to use. They are indeed making energy available for all without building power plants.

The Minister Power, Works and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola, said at a recent town hall meeting organised by the federal government in Lagos that the available energy at the moment cannot be enough for the population unless he delivers power in tranches. He also said the solutions to the current power challenge in Nigeria, is the adoption of hybrid solutions and power reduction strategies as it is done in Ghana.

Explaining further, Seriki said one of the solutions the company is offering the market is solar powered light integrated with inverter and solar – all in one. This development means that the days of generators are numbered. “You can light up your home with our 12 watts; and for bigger homes, you can get 500 watts to 1,000 watts and I don’t see why all SMEs cannot go back to business, since the power output can carry all the lights, fans and televisions on the solar,” Seriki said.

Bigger homes and businesses can use our 3KVA to 10 Kilowatt solution and this carries air conditioners, big fridges and freezers. Enterprises, hotels, hospitals, communities, can use between 10KVA and 1Megawatt or multiples of 10KVA if they intend to deploy in phases, she said.