WAPTV to Air ‘LA Hipocondriaca’


WapTV, the 24-hour Family Entertainment Channel, has just purchased the exclusive license to air La Hipocondríaca (The Hypochondriac) Telenovela to its millions of viewers across Africa and Europe starting in May, 2016.

Produced in 2013, La Hipocondríaca is a very popular Spanish Telenovela, which tells the comedic story of Macarena (played by Stephanie Cayo), a hypochondriac who strongly believes that she would die soon.

Her ‘dreams’ seem to come true when Dr. Alejandro (played by Ernesto Calzadilla) misdiagnosis her with only 6 more months to live, when in reality she had a long, healthy life ahead of her. What will happen when both discover the truth? In a situation like this, the best cure is love.