FG Moves to Sack Teachers, Lecturers without Teaching Qualifications

  • Bars civil service commission from recruitment of teachers
  • To phase out American, British curricula

Paul Obi in Abuja
The federal government on Monday said plans were on way to terminate the appointments of teachers and lecturers lacking the basic teaching qualifications in all segments of the educational system ranging from primary to the university level.

The move may not be unconnected with government’s desire to sanitise the educational system, with a follow-up of the employment of about 500,000 teachers nationwide.
Minister of State for Education, Prof. Anthony Anwukah, at a parley with journalists on his 65th birthday, decried the deterioration of teaching in the nation’s educational system, arguing that though Nigeria is “not doing so badly, we have not yet evolved a very stable system.”

He said: “Our teachers’ education is not yet where it should be, and I’ve been singing it like a song since accepting this responsibility, that we must have quality teachers in our school system. And what does it mean to have quality teachers? You must have teachers who are trained to be teachers.

“Right now, the education system in terms of teachers is almost populated by more than 50% of people who are not trained to be teachers. We must develop the act of teaching; you must be trained as a teacher,” he said.