Vice Presidency Position: Okorocha Accuses PDP of Insulting S’ East


Amby Uneze in Owerri
For zoning the position of vice president in 2019 to the South-East, Imo State governor, Chief Rochas Okorocha, has accused the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of insulting the zone and wondered why the party did not consider it worthwhile to zone the Presidency position to the area.

“For sixteen years, the PDP was in power, the party never had any reason to remember that the South-East, as a major block in the country, could occupy the Vice-President position or could hold any of the sensitive positions in the country, and they are just waking up from their slumber after being out of power”, the governor said .

According to him, the PDP never allowed the South-East to have the president, the Vice-President, the Senate President, the Speaker of House of Representatives, and so on, adding that the South-East totally lost out in the PDP government.

“Even in terms of projects, the South-East had a very rough experience in the PDP government. All the federal roads in the zone were all death traps until the party was voted out of power. The second Niger Bridge became endless pit for the PDP. Some oil locations belonging to some states in the zone were taken away and given to other states outside the zone. It was a hopeless situation for the zone in PDP.