NTDC Endorses Flyboku.com as Online Travel Portal


By Chinedu Eze

 The Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) has endorsed flyboku.com as an online travel portal.

Flyboku.com, an online digital travel and tours management portal, was recently launched for the Nigerian tourism market.

 The endorsement was done by the Director General of NTDC, Mrs. Sally Uwechue-Mbanefo, who described  platform as  ‘’ a dynamic travel solution platform that provides accurate travel information for easy and affordable travel solutions worldwide.”

According to a statement from the company, Flyboku .com is powered by Ashton and Dave Travels and Holidays Limited, a travel management company with expertise in providing top notch travel and tours services.

Ashton and Dave Travels was founded by Mr. Abiola Lawal and the company has been in the travel business for almost a decade offering top notch travel services to corporate organisations.

As an entrepreneur, Lawal said he has a passion for the travel industry and felt the industry needs to move with the rest of the world by offering seamless and more Do It Yourself (D.I.Y) travel services. This led to the birth of flyboku.com.

 “Mr. Boku is the digital travel agent character created as the face of Flyboku.com. The travel services that can be found on the portal include flight reservations, hotel reservations, tour packages, protocol services, car hire services, travel insurance, visa consultation services and so on.  The portal is for everyone that needs to travel. From busy executives to an average customer looking for affordable travel packages. Flyboku empowers the travelling customers because we provide real time information from the best partners, both local and global airlines, hotels,’’ he said.

Lawal  further said:”The unique selling points of Flyboku.com are that it offers:   Best Prices for travel services ;our customers are the orbit of our world so we offer  unique customer service and after sales service; convenience is also a selling point for the platform as  it’s easy to search, book and make payment all in the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are. The distinct focus on African destinations as affordable African destination packages are always available on the platform.’’

He explained that  Flyboku.com is also encouraging Africans to visit Africa with its Discover Africa campaign travel packages to African destinations.

“This will encourage more ties between Nigerians and Africans and among Africans as a whole. Africans visiting, vacationing, and investing among Africans has a very positive impact on the GDP and the economies of African countries,’’ he said.