Spiritual Corruption


No, it’s not the kind of corruption that President o, it’s not the kind of corruption that President Muhammadu Buhari is fighting. This type resides in our mind. It is the one that gives us the illusion that any form of material gain that comes our way is a spiritual blessing, irrespective of its origin.

A recent incident got me thinking about how much of God’s instruction we really hear when we say the Lord spoke to us. It is easy to sum up our blessings with few verses of the Holy Book modified to fit our present situation, but do we actually hear from God?

How can a pastor who mounts the pulpit day and night turn a blind eye to the illicit means through which his wife gets money and proclaim to the congregation that it is indeed his prayers to the Lord that has blessed his wife’s career immensely?

And when the hammer of the law hit them on the head, it becomes a case of spiritual warfare against the plan of the enemy. The atrocities committed by many clerics these days surely know no bounds.
Plainly put, without the pulpit messages, each one of us is guilty of this crime in one way or the other. We allow our mind to create the illusion of unmerited favour when it is glaring that it is against the morals and commandment in the holy book.

This is why citizens like Josephine Ugwu, the airport cleaner who consistently chose to live on integrity even in her humble state, should be emulated. Not many would have walked her path of honesty if tempted with bags of fresh mint legal tender.

We would have gladly mounted the altar and danced while testifying of the Lord’s goodness in our lives. It is shameful. It is one of the worst kinds of corruption.