The Nasarawa Nonsense


Last Monday, it was the turn of the Nasarawa lawmakers to exhibit their shamelessness.
The state governor, Alhaji Tanko Al-Makura had appointed some sole administrators in some local government areas of the state and needed the approval of the House of Assembly to swear them in. While a majority of the lawmakers approved of the appointments, some six lawmakers accused the rest of receiving bribe from the governor, hence they are supporting the appointments of the sole administrators. The accusation led to a heated argument and the arguments led to exchange of blows and within a twinkle of eye, it degenerated to a free for all. Bedlam was brought down.
They threw all kinds of things at one another. One of them started jumping from one seat to another like a monkey, and landed on his stomach right on the floor, but pronto, he sprang up and continued the fight. That is somebody’s husband, that is somebody’s father. That is indeed somebody’s (tor)mentor!

Almost always, it has to be money that will rev up our lawmakers to the point of exchange of blows. After the shameful interlude, the lawmakers, some of them with torn clothes, and near bare chest looked no different from the Tokyo Boys, the notorious Ibadan agbero (NURTW chieftain), after a motor park fight at Oluyole.  They appeared like scoundrels with their eyes twitching like those of low-base criminals.
Here are lawmakers whose state is almost a massive IDP camp owing to the activities of marauding Fulani herdsmen, who have chased away their constituents from their homes. That never got them sufficiently vexed to “fight the good fight”.  Here is a state where scores of Policemen, DSS Operatives and top government officials were massacred few years back by some notorious Ombatse cultists. Till date, the matter is dead and buried along with the victims. Such issues do not trouble the Nasarawa  lawmakers. It has to be money-related. It is a shame! And greater shame that some of them also went through Universities where they were declared to have been “found worthy in Character and in learning” What a misnormer!