Author Decries Spate of Political Killings in Nigeria


By Amby Uneze

The spate of social upheavals and political killings and assassinations in the country have re-echoed in a current book titled “The Assassination of Eze Emeka Japhet Njoku: Anatomy of Crisis in Nigeria and the Way Forward” written by an expert in International Relations from the University of Malaya, Dr. Chukwunenye Clifford Njoku.

The 163-page hard cover book published by Crown Foundation in Earth’s Ends Mission, Inc. (CFIEEM) and printed in Malaysia revealed in detail the number of political assassinations and kidnappings in the country especially from the return of the present democracy in the country (1999 to date), also ex-rayed some political assassinations that took place during the first and second republics.

According to the author, “I engaged in this work because my country needs social change as Nigeria is now confronting political challenges and economic strains; more advanced nations likely passed through these struggles in their early stages of development. He noted that as the people strive for transparent and equitable democracy and social progress, a perilous political tide swept across the country, especially since 1999.”