Adieu Tunji Braithwaite


The great Tunji Braithwaite passed on at 82 after a brief illness as we have been told. I must confess he really captured my young mind when he came out in the Second Republic talking about cockroaches and rats. In my young mind, I really believed that he was referring to the real creatures and I used to wonder how killing all these rats that shared my room in Shomolu those days would lead to the Presidency. I used to marvel at his unique dress since, his well carved beards and much more importantly his fiery speeches laced with massive hatred for cockroaches and rats.

His only mistake was not buying cartons of insecticides and sharing them at his campaigns just the way APC has been doing with brooms. Anyways, he was a colorful character who played his own part, made the appropriate posturing and quietly exited. He remains a true statesman in my books and I will forever cherish his speeches and pray that he is buried with enough insecticides to continue the battle against the cockroaches and leeches that have continued to squander our common wealth even after life. Baba rest in peace you lived well.