39-year Old Man Dying of Renal Failure Begs Nigerians for N7.7m

Olakiitan Victor in Ado Ekiti

A 39-year old man, Adeola Adelusi, has begged Nigerians to help him raise a sum of N7.7 million to perform kidney transplant operation for him to stay alive.

Adelusi, a property management businessman, said his sickness started in January this year and was admitted at St. Gregory’s Hospital, Basiri, Ado Ekiti for treatment.

Adelusi , single, thought that he had a malaria but the medical diagnosis gave him the shocker of his life: he was diagnosed with what medical experts called “End Stage Kidney Disease.”

He stated that he was later transferred to the Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido Ekiti (FETHI) on January 10 and spent a month there undergoing series of treatment there including dialysis.

The young man said the cost of treating the renal problem since January had depleted his resources as he undergoes dialysis three times in a week and each dialysis costs N68,000.

Besides the dialysis, Adelusi had also spent a fortune on drugs which he purchases on daily basis .

Adelusi, having exhausted all he had which he said he could not estimate before a kidney transplant was recommended for him, is now calling on governments, organizations and individuals to assist him to raise the amount.

“I was attended to at Ido by Dr. Olaifa and I underwent series of dialysis after which I returned home. After my time at Ido, I used to toto the toilet frequently and I find it difficult to eat. I do cough and blood use to come out of my mouth.

“When I was about to be discharged, he doctor confided in me that my two kidneys are no longer functioning, that I would need a transplant.
I do dialysis thrice in a week and I spent N68,000 three time a week and I do receive two pints of blood every two weeks.

“After my discharge from Ido I was transferred to Ado for dialysis.
They sent me to a doctor at Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital (EKSUTH), Dr. Dada to be monitoring me. The transplant is to cost N7 million.”

According to a letter signed by Dr. O. O. Oguntiloye, a breakdown of the money for the transplant was given.

“Thrice weekly hemodialysis at 20,000/dose = N60,000 per week; EPO injection (thrice eekly at 6,000 per dose) = N18,000; Iron sucrose  injection (thrice weekly) at 1,500 per dose = N4,500; Antihypertensive medication at average of N20,000 per week; preparation and
creation of AV fistula, N50,000; regular routine investigation for his condition for about a month, N17,000; kidney transplantation, N7,000,000; Estimated Total Amount, N7,700,000”.

Adelusi appealed for help from well-meaning Nigerians, government and organizations to assist him as he had spent all his savings in treating the disease which had made life difficult for him.

Contributors can reach him through phone number: 08030888990.

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