MTWA Expresses Commitment to Bridging Africa’s Leadership Gap

MTWA Expresses Commitment to Bridging Africa’s Leadership Gap

Sunday Ehigiator and Esther Oluku

Cleric and convener, of ‘Mission to West Africa’ (MTWA) Conferences, Mr. John Enelamah, has expressed commitment to the MTWA series to bridge Africa’s leadership gaps beginning with Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria.
Enelamah made this submission while speaking at the MTWA 2024 conference themed, ‘The Rising Woman’, and dovetails to a Leaders Conference themed, ‘Equipping the Equippers’, held over the weekend in Lagos State.

According to him, “We are committed to encouraging and enabling transformational leadership, fostering inclusive growth and driving sustainable reforms in Africa and by extension Nigeria. With this, we believe Nigeria can find the solution to its economic woes.

“The Mission to West Africa (MTWA) conferences 2024 is the second in the series of annual conferences hosted by John Enelamah, Founder of Kingdom Apostolic Revival Ministries (KARM) in conjunction with Apostles in the Marketplace (AiP), Endtime Revival Ministries (ERM) and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN).
“Among the speakers at this year’s women’s conference are Mrs  Ibukun Awosika, Ms Esther Ibanga, Ms Teresa Conlon and Mrs Peace Okonkwo.”

In her address, Awosika referenced the scriptural parable of the talents. She stated that everyone’s work despite their gender would be required by God in the afterlife, hence women must work to ensure that they put good use to their gifts and talents to receive their reward from the creator of all life.
“God has work to be done and he needs everybody in his army and that army is for men and women. The population of the world is almost 50 per cent men and 50 per cent women.

“Imagine if 50 per cent were disarmed by lack of knowledge? The gifts of God are not gender sensitive. They are purpose sensitive. I’ve come to tell you that you are not an appendage in God’s kingdom.
“I have come to challenge you that a day of reckoning is coming. On that day it would be about you and your work. It would not be about my husband or my children not letting me do this or that.
“Every woman must work out their salvation. God knew he gave you a husband. Your husband is meant to enhance your journey. For everything, there is a purpose.

“Don’t compare your life with another’s. What is most important is that the life that you are working through is aligned with the assignment of God to your own life and that you are disposing of your gifts and talents to serve him accordingly. All you need to be is all that God wants you to be, not like every other woman.”
On her part. Esther Ibanga urged women to contribute their quota to making their immediate communities better while emphasising that, while not all women are called into pastoral ministry, all must make a positive impact.

“Yes, there are a lot of challenges for women in pastoral Ministry but you don’t have to be in ministry to serve God.
“When God looks around, what does he see? Does he see a woman who has risen to the call of God for her life? Does he see a woman who has risen to the standard of a Christian wife?
“We are at that time in Nigeria where we have to step out and step up. Are we saying we are going to do what we can in our little capacity as the Lord enables us to address the challenges in this nation? For those who are called to play that role, may you not be missing.”   

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