Dangote’s Half-Brother, Sayyu Dantata, Following His Big Steps

Dangote’s Half-Brother, Sayyu Dantata, Following His Big Steps

Association is a powerful component of success. This has always been the case, long before Africa’s number one man of wealth, Aliko Dangote, was shown to be related to the Dantatas, especially Sayyu Dantata, the genius behind MRS Oil Nigeria. With the recent bump in Dantata’s wealth status, commentators are pointing out how his efforts reflect the steps of his half-brother, Dangote.

Dantata is fast becoming a household name across Nigeria and, indeed, the majority of West Africa. Like his half-brother, Dangote, Dantata’s popularity is borne on the shoulders of his business exploits. These exploits are gradually spreading across multiple West African regions, showing him to be every bit a maestro of management, commerce, and investments as his brother.

The renewed focus on Dantata comes in response to the recent reports from his company, MRS Oil. According to the report, MRS Oil commanded a revenue size of more than $190 million in 2023 alone. Although the bump-up in revenue follows the increase in fuel price in the last 12 months, it still says something about Dantata’s wisdom to have expanded his business scale during this time

Granted, it is easy to accrue MRS Oil’s financial success to rising fuel prices. However, MRS Oil also has a strong presence in Benin, Togo, Cameroon, and Cote d’Ivoire. These regions share commonalities in terms of oil and gas due to their geographical locations along the Gulf of Guinea, and so every financial win experienced by MRS Oil can be considered deliberate and well-thought-out.

With Dantata owning around 60 per cent of MRS Oil, the revenue of over $190 million (the equivalent of more than N180 billion) is a big win for him. He may not be a match for his half-brother yet, but it is only a matter of time.

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