What Investors in Isimi Lagos Country Home Should Expect, by experts

What Investors in Isimi Lagos Country Home Should Expect, by experts

There’s something about ingenuity. It crafts one’s feelings and sentiments to experience something one has never experienced before. And this is what Isimi Lagos has done to the minds of thousands of people who have heard, encountered or even caught a glimpse of its magnificence.

“Isimi” is a word from the West African Yoruba language translated into “Peace of Mind”. And that name in itself births almost an impossible dream for Lagos as a state and a community, popularly known for its chaotic and rowdy environments. But Landwey has taken up the challenge, not only to dream bigger than any real estate company, but to prove that in the heart of Lagos, a luxurious, all round sanctuary can exist and thrive.

A paradox of this nature tends to push the helms of curiosity, to find out, what in fact is this Isimi Lagos. Isimi Lagos is a city all on its own. It’s a city that promises hospitality, peace, serenity, sustainability and royalty to all who come into the city, as residents or even tourists.

Located in the heart of Lagos State- Epe, it stands to reason that it would be one of the most coveted country home addresses. Isimi Lagos is filled with such a mind blowing array of features that guarantee drooling. Everything you’ve ever dreamed of in a country home, from the nature cottages, a sprawling ranch, to a backyard farm, the whole works of it speaks the language of relaxation and embodies the essence of having a peaceful yet simple, elegant and luxurious environment that perfectly suits its residents.

It maintains a sense of luxury in conjunction with sustainability and you can almost touch the fine threads of intentionality that goes into every fiber of the city. The city boasts of an inclusive, all round experience with every facility embedded, It can almost guarantee that you may never need anything outside the city. From its selection of electric cars and shuttles, green electricity, home grown produce, the vast number of deliberately grown trees across the city, Polo pitch, golf course, a restaurant that boasts of the finest chefs, you are assured your dream.

In the bid to become a complete haven, Isimi Lagos incorporated a Tech valley which is a hub for innovation, technology and progress. It enhances the community’s dynamic nature, where residents are offered avenues for technological advancement, upscaling and learning entrepreneurship and strategy. One can almost taste the perfection that is Isimi Lagos.

Whichever way you choose to travel to Isimi is guaranteed to be a pleasant and wholesome experience, whether by boat to the Isimi jetty, which is a one hour trip from Ikoyi, or from anywhere in the world with a helicopter and even by road. Isimi Lagos is a sight worth seeing and experiencing.

The whole essence of Isimi Lagos isn’t that it is a short vacation away from real life, but rather, Isimi Lagos is a lifestyle. You become it. In just a short while, you begin to see yourself as luxurious, peaceful and royal, and that is because you are living and experiencing Isimi Lagos

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