The World of Obinna Chidoka at 50

The World of Obinna Chidoka at 50

For the average person, the starting point is important and holds significance for how far they can go. But for one as glory-bound as Obinna Chidoka, all that matters is a strong conviction. It is no wonder that at the age of 50 Chidoka is raising waves all over the world with his grasp of legislation and the representation of the common people.

Chidoka, the honourable member of the House of Representatives for Idemili North and Idemili South Federal Constituency of Anambra State, recently turned 50. Having achieved so much during his time in the legislative boardroom, the Obosi indigene continues to stand as a lighthouse for those in the younger generation.

Chidoka came into legislative business at the age of 33. Considered the youngest in that era, he was unashamed and unreserved, sponsoring bills and motions. In the 6th Assembly, especially, which was his first term as a member of the House of Reps, Chidoka’s commitment won him the admiration of all.

Chidoka shined the brightest in the 8th Assembly. First, he was the Chairman of the House Committee on Environment and Habitat. In that capacity, he shook the nation into awareness of environmental conservation and preservation. He was also a member of the House Committee on Aviation, Constituency Outreach, Industry, Petroleum (Downstream), Youth and Social Development, Culture and Tourism, and Local Content.

To think that Chidoka came so far despite starting with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Lagos and barely into his 30s. Such an impressive gait to greatness is enough to get his name into golden books.

At 50, Chidoka is not done being the quintessential leader of the younger legislative generation. There are more things to conquer, more initiatives to set into motion, and more splendour to uncover for all that follow him.

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