Foundation of Love … Laide Lanre-Badmus Floats New NGO

Foundation of Love … Laide Lanre-Badmus Floats New NGO

Being a dreamer has its perks. Visionary individuals like the lifestyle consultant and interior designer, Laide Lanre-Badmus (LLB for short), have accomplished great things due to their idealistic charm. It continues for LLB as indicated by her new initiative, the LLB Foundation, designed to protect the interests of young people involved in matters related to sexual abuse.

LLB launched her foundation in Ibadan at the celebrated Mauve 21 Event Centre. The event was well-attended as individuals from every branch of the public/governmental, business, and entertainment sectors stood with LLB to propel the foundation forward. LLB, who is a lawyer by academic training, emphasised the gravity of the foundation’s purpose, evidenced by her decision to involve law practitioners in the activities of the foundation.

According to the Purifoy Seven Drops on Ten Principal Partner, her LLB Foundation has one mission: to target sexual abuse. With this focus, the LLB Foundation has positioned itself to reduce the menace that this represents, protecting young boys and girls victimised by it, and rooting out all its roots and fruits.

LLB explained that the greatest motivation for her foundation is her experience. According to the interior designer, her step-father sexually abused her when she was just 13 years old and her mother could not defend her. Without such protection from someone else, LLB intimated that victims would seldom become emotionally stable, depriving them of a future of happiness.

With the LLB Foundation, victims of sexual abuse can ‘vent and heal’ and rid themselves of emotional baggage. With this done and the perpetrators dealt with, they can live good lives, unladen with the sorrows of the past.

LLB’s new foundation will doubtless shine in the future. As someone whose voice has reached the ends of the earth from a small corner in Oyo, LLB is a master of amplification. Having set her mind to protect the victims of sexual abuse, it is almost certain that they will be protected.

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