Nollywood’s ‘Afamefuna’ and Optiva Capital’s Tourism Boost

Nollywood’s ‘Afamefuna’ and Optiva Capital’s Tourism Boost

Optiva Capital Partners, one of the leading investment immigration companies with a demonstrated commitment to supporting the growth of destination tourism in the country recently announced its sponsorship of a Nollywood movie, writes Oluchi Chibuzor

In line with its commitment to support the growth of the nation’s entertainment industry and thereby boost destination tourism, leading investment immigration wealth management company Optiva Capital Partners recently announced its sponsorship of a new epic movie from the Nollywood stable entitled “Áfàméfùnà: Nwa Boi Story.”

Áfàméfùnà is acclaimed to be the first feature-length film on the Igbo apprenticeship system and how it has revitalised the community’s economy through a unique mentorship scheme by successful Igbo business people who nurture apprentices and pass on their specific business and trade skills to apprentices, support them with start-up funding, and thereby perpetuate the cycle of wealth creation.

According to the Executive Director of Business Development, Optiva Capital Partners, Ms. Amaka Okeke-Lawal, Nollywood which is the nation’s vibrant film industry, plays a substantial role in boosting tourism in the country through what she describes as “destination tourism, cultural promotion, destination marketing, and film festivals.”

She stated that the industry’s portrayal of Nigeria’s culture, landmarks, and traditions, as in ‘Afamefuna’ attracts both domestic and international tourists, and also benefits tourism by improving infrastructure and services.

Optiva Capital Partners has been a partner in the development of the nation’s tourism industry. It recently announced its sponsorship of this year’s Eko Hotels and Suites Tropical Christmas Wonderland, an annual event that creates a destination of choice for family getaways.

According to the CEO of Optiva Capital Partners Limited, Ms. Jane Kimemia, the collaboration with Eko Hotels reaffirms its commitment to recognising excellence because with Optiva Capital Partners’ support, “we look forward to families having an unforgettable holiday experience that gives them all the fun and excitement they get traveling abroad.”

Not long ago also, Kimemia advocated the adoption of a holistic value proposition for tourism development that addresses funding, and how to create the enabling environment to be able to actually execute.

At a Policy Dialogue on “the Economic Impact of Tourism in Lagos” where she was a key discussant, Kimemia tasked participants to identify how to tackle the challenges, and how to start identifying tourism as one key economic driver.

Kimemia, cited the example of Kenya, which she said is very big on tourism and was built over the years because there is clear intentionality in “attracting visitors, in defining what the value proposition is, and what visitors are coming to see.” 

Consequently, she opined that participants and industry players have to be clear about, “who are we, what is the culture, because it is truly about defining that at higher levels of government, in terms of policy, framework, infrastructure, the entire eco-system, then after that who are the individual players because these are the key components.”

Today, Optiva Capital Partners prides itself as the largest provider of investments immigration services not only in Nigeria but across Africa, and also the largest employer of labour in the investment immigration subsector with 17 branches distributed across Nigeria and over one thousand full-time employees.

In partnership with its reputable international affiliates the company has helped many families with their immigration and global access needs over the years and “has always done this with utmost diligence and professionalism.”

Some of Optiva Capital’s investment immigration opportunities it assists Nigerians to be part of include the USA EB, Residency by Investment, which not only accelerates wealth creation but also open doors to a promising future, offering the opportunity to become a green card holder; citizenship by investment programs for which acquiring a passport from any of the countries on their menu provides visa-free access to more than 143 countries, all without the need to meet any residency criteria before obtaining them.

For Canada, a Nigerian can become a global business person by investing in Canada Federal Start-up program, migrate to Canada with a 3-year open work permit, while the person’s permanent residency is prioritized as an investor.

Reputed for its effective delivery of wealth management offerings, Optiva Capital easily stands out in investment immigration, providing professional immigration services for individuals seeking to obtain alternative citizenship or residency in any of the countries that it serves, which are numerous. In addition, the company provides investment advisory, and wealth management services.

According to Amaka Okeke-Lawal, one of Optiva Capital partners’ success stories is its ability to develop partnerships with strong and well recognised reputable institutions.

One of them is Stuart Financial with headquarters in Montreal, Canada, a global company with offices in many countries. They are the financial intermediaries to the Quebec government, and they are members of the investment regulatory Council of Canada. As its only African partners Optiva Capital is engaged with them in Greece, Portugal, and of course here in Africa, for Federal Start-up programme in Canada. There is also Green and Spiegel, which is Canada’s oldest and largest immigration law firm based in Toronto, specialising in corporate and personal immigration services. They have offices in five countries including the USA, and Optiva capital is their only African partners. There is also the Heng Sheng Group, which is another global group with footprints in many countries like USA, China, Singapore, Grenada.

They have the largest investment in the Caribbean right now, a $2.4 billion investment. They are building the Grenada National Resort and Optiva capital is reputed to be their only African partner because prior to the relationship with them they had pockets of relationship but as soon as Optiva Capital signed up with them everything was subsumed into the relationship.

Also a partner to Optiva Capital is Range Developments, an award-winning developer of luxury resorts offering Citizenship By Investment programmes in Grenada and the Caribbean. Anchor Capital, easily the largest trading investment banking group in South Africa with Asset Under Management of over Seven Billion US Dollars is also another reputable partner of Optiva capital Partners.

Other global partners of Optiva Capital include AIL, an international insurance group, TIW Capital Group, a global asset management company in South East Asia with offices in Singapore, India, and UAE, and CTP in Tampa, Florida, USA, which develops and manages over 760 old peoples’ homes.

The story of Optiva Capital Partners cannot be told without reckoning with the environment. It has been a challenging business environment with policies that have made it difficult in terms of operating environment, but one of the things Optiva Capital has prioritised as a company has been to recognise its staff, and then the customers. Optiva Capital has been about staff and customers. So by selecting the best in the market and motivating them, and creating greater opportunities for employees, training and incentives, to create and develop loyal staff because that loyalty is key to progress.

According to the Executive Director, “where we are able to channel everybody’s eye to the goal and creating an environment that is conducive for growth that has been key to our progress. When you have highly motivated staff then they are able to deliver on your promises to your customers. So we have developed a culture where the staff are constantly seeking to give more to the client, which is our goal.”

Optiva Capital Partners prides itself as the undisputed market leader in investment immigration, investment advisory, wealth management and insurance services. Its mission is to improve lives by protecting, enhancing and optimising clients’ wealth through a rich network of global partners, experience, and integrity of its process.

Optiva Capital Partners has been around since 2010 and has provided investment immigration services for thousands of families with a hundred percent success rate. With a staff strength of over one thousand full paid employees, it has also extended its tentacles across seventeen strategic locations and still growing.

Talking about end to end service delivery, Okeke-Lawal enthuses that, “we have dedicated document specialists who are there to work with you throughout the entire process, such that we have launched Optiva Plus which is a complementary thank you service for our clients. We also go beyond our service to do visa resolution, we do student admission for our clients’ kids, and we also help with passport renewals. Then our elite global partnerships through which we help our clients with extensive, superior opportunities and options to help maximise their wealth across jurisdictions and across asset classes. We are capable and have the ability to do what we have promised.”

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