Firm to Unveil ‘Art of Life’

Africana is set to unveil a comprehensive art collection named ‘The  Art of Life’ which would debut at the brand’s inaugural fashion show.

A statement made available to THISDAY, stated that the show promises to connect participants with their African heritage while immersing them in a contemporary fashion experience.

“Africana’s CEO, Charles Oronsaye, and Guest Creative Director, Ifidon Oisamoje, constitute a dynamic pair that has steered the brand’s evolution into a timeless entity,” the statement added.

Speaking on the upcoming collection, Oronsaye stated:

“The Art of Life collection is designed to cut across every facet of living–from the boardroom to the bar to the gym to the house–giving you the essentials for existence. Our brand has continuously sought to create a template for Africans both at home and abroad, that serves as a bridge between our past, present and future.

“It is my prayer that Africans will continue to be prosperous through collaboration and excellence and this is reflected in the work we have done over the years.

“The brand has become more than a brand but rather a movement of Africans, by Africans, for the world. This is the Art of Life!”

Africana Couture, which now goes by just Africana, started out as a fashion house whose products were centered around kaftans and agbadas.

“It is renowned for seamlessly blending classic African fashion with luxury, where traditional African roots harmonise with modern fashion trends.

“With a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional quality and fostering a community that celebrates African identity, the brand has expanded its fashion range onto the global scene, including urban clothing and accessories for both men and women by creating essential products for people of African heritage worldwide.

“It has consistently pushed boundaries and redefined the concept of Nigerian luxury that spans beyond the fashion industry.

“The brand’s journey echoes its commitment to embracing and promoting African heritage through fashion.

From leather goods to stationery, the Art of Life collection will encompass a diverse range of urban clothing essentials, all meticulously crafted to captivate fashion enthusiasts.”

Ifidon shed more light on the brand’s creative process for the collection saying: “Our design process has four foundational pillars that have played a major role in shaping this collection. Nostalgia, reminding us to look back and reflect on those who came before us; Optimism, conveying our unwavering belief that we can create a more interesting future; Creativity which is the anchor for everything we do; and Culture–from traditional cultures to all sub-cultures. ”

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