The Unusual Artistry of Naeomi … As She Releases New Hot Single ‘I Like’

The Unusual Artistry of Naeomi … As She Releases New Hot Single ‘I Like’

Talents abound in Nigeria; from sharp business minds to soaring artistic minds and every imaginable endeavour.

Naomi Nwaokoru, known professionally as ‘Naeomi’ fits the second category. Progressively committed to being different but true to herself, Naeomi is rising to a new height and defining a new branch of musical artistry.

‘I like’ is one of the latest songs to hit the internet. It is one of the hot singles among a cluster of songs released by Nigerian artistes in recent weeks. Her new single, however, comes from a unique mind gushing out an unusual artistry, the mind of Naeomi, the lady from Abia State who grew up in the busy streets of Port-Harcourt.

Naeomi’s latest song is the newest after “No Pressure.” It expresses Naeomi’s desire to be loved and spoiled with unrestrained affection. Her lover in the song, although left to the imagination of her fans, is saddled with the responsibility of making her happy. But knowing what we know of Naeomi, this desire is not unwarranted.

Versed in music, modelling, and films, Naeomi brings a distinct flavour to her craft. It is just dynamic enough to get her listeners bouncy, but also interspersed with wisdom to indicate the creative arithmetic of her young mind. This would explain why she is loved by virtual and real-time friends, and having a following reaching over half a million on social media.

Naeomi is a ‘Miss Nigeria UK’ and she has a grasp of what it takes to sway the hearts and minds of observers. As such, she is a super influencer, one that engages her audience thoughtfully, never having to rely on a morally nomadic lifestyle.

With “I Like” and other songs from this lady, listeners are reintroduced to a young lady who is simultaneously ordinary and extraordinary. Like Naeomi, the song shows a girl who knows what she wants, not bowing to the pressure of outsider expectations.

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