Havilah Takes Digitisation to Abuja Investment Summit

Havilah Takes Digitisation to Abuja Investment Summit

Havilah Group, Nigeria’s foremost records management and archiving Solution Company, has announced plans to formally unveil its partnership with ELO Digital Office, the rights owners of ELO ECM SUITE, the leading global software for enterprise content management (ECM), at the upcoming Abuja Investment Summit and Expo.

Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Akogun Lanre Adesuyi, said: “Havilah Group’s partnership with ELO Digital Office will deepen the adoption of ELOenterprise to promote digital records management in Nigeria, particularly in the public sector where organisations still grapple with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.” 

He explained that with the world gone digital in archiving and document management (office automation also known as paperless office), digitizing records would make Nigeria more globally competitive. Said he: “For over 25 years, Havilah Group has been on the frontline of campaigns to institute proper records management in Nigeria. Adopting a comprehensive information hub like ELOenterprise will support strategic public and private sector institutions in Nigeria to manage their information better, particularly as the government has demonstrated its resolve to turn the country into a fully digital economy,” adding, “Representatives of ELO Digital Office from Germany will be on hand to provide technical support to Havilah Group’s participation at the Summit.”

Also speaking, the Executive Director of Havilah Group, Mr. Abiodun Olaniran, said: “We are participating at the Abuja Investment Summit and Expo to demonstrate Havilah Group’s capacity, expertise and track record in record management in Nigeria,” stressing, “We are determined to maintain our frontline role in digitising records in Nigeria as demonstrated by our recent successes in document recovery and management in strategic national institutions like the judiciary in Nigeria.”

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