Hamrex Properties gifts Wene Port Harcourt plot of land

Hamrex Properties gifts Wene Port Harcourt plot of land

A Nigerian real estate company, Hamrex Properties and Construction has made a remarkable and heartwarming gesture by bestowing a coveted piece of land upon the determined and inspiring Nigerian, Promise Wosu Junior, better known as Wene Port Harcourt.

This exceptional act of generosity follows Wene Port Harcourt’s awe-inspiring accomplishment of completing a grueling 5-day marathon journey from the Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos to Port Harcourt, culminating on October 21.

Wene Port Harcourt’s incredible feat was a deliberate pursuit to break a Guinness World Record, and his unwavering determination and resolve have left an indelible mark on the minds and hearts of many.

In recognition of his astounding achievement, Hamrex Properties and Construction has generously presented Wene Port Harcourt with a plot of land, empowering him to build his dream home.

The CEO of the company,Amadi Harry Excellent expressed his reasons for this noble gesture, stating, “We gifted Wene Port Harcourt the plot of land not only to honor his hard work but also to convey a profound message to all young Nigerians – that relentless effort and determination lead to extraordinary outcomes. Our company is resolute in its commitment to support and encourage endeavors that inspire and empower the youth of Nigeria. We firmly believe that this act of recognition will shine as a beacon of motivation for others, demonstrating that hard work indeed pays off.”

When asked about the valuable lessons that young Nigerians can glean from Wene Port Harcourt’s remarkable journey, Amadi Harry Excellent shared his insight, saying, “Wene Port Harcourt’s determination and perseverance vividly illustrate the importance of setting ambitious goals and believing in oneself. By honoring his extraordinary attempt and achievement, we hope to encourage our youths to continue valuing the importance of hard work and inspire them to strive for excellence in their own pursuits.”

This inspiring act by Hamrex Properties and Construction serves as a testament to their unwavering dedication to nurturing and uplifting the aspirations of young Nigerians. Through their support and recognition, they aim to motivate the youth to set high goals and persist in their endeavors, knowing that their hard work can lead to exceptional outcomes.

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