Tokunbo Wahab Becomes New Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources

Tokunbo Wahab Becomes New Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources

The true reward for good work is more work. The truth of this understanding has manifested in the call for more service extended to Tokunbo Wahab, the immediate past Special Adviser on Education to the Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu. Taking into account his amazing accomplishments in the area of education, Governor Sanwo-Olu has seen fit to have Tokunbo take on the role of Environment and Water Resources Commissioner.

Without a doubt, Wahab is up there among the individuals who made the most impact in Lagos in the last four years. Wahab can compete with almost any other public servant, excluding the governor and his deputy. The secret behind this ranking is simply Wahab’s diligence which easily crowds out the apathetic keenness that others have expressed towards serving the good people of Lagos.

It is consequently not surprising that Governor Sanwo-Olu considers Wahab worthy of a new lease of serving the public. Specifically, Sanwo-Olu has charged his former Special Adviser on Education matters to oversee the affairs of the Environment and Water Resources ministry.

Wahab’s appointment as commissioner comes on the cusp of increasing concern regarding this aspect of the Lagos State government. The ministry hitherto revealed that its mandate revolved around ensuring that the natural environment was clean and healthy, and had a sustainable condition upon which Lagos might enjoy some proceeds from tourism. Understanding the need for a capable mandate bearer, Wahab has arrived on the scene. The watchword for the Environment and Water Resources ministry is #GreenerLagos. Wahab, pulling together the personnel and assets provided by Sanwo-Olu, can definitely ensure this mandate. Thus, by appointing Wahab as the Commissioner, the heavy lifting is out of the way. It is time to sit back and watch him introduce life into the dream of #GreenerLagos.

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