MMA2 Welcomes Old English Stores to Boost Experience

MMA2 Welcomes Old English Stores to Boost Experience

MMA2, operated by Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited (BASL), has welcomed Old English Stores, a well-known superstore in Nigeria, to its terminal.

Head of Space and Premises Management representing BASL, Kola Bamigboye, at the event emphasised that MMA2 is more than a terminal, it is a place of constant innovation.

Old English offers a wide range of food items, with freshly baked bread being the most exclusive and highly sought-after product on their shelves.

During the opening event held recently, the Chief Operating Officer of Old English Superstores, Funmi Adedipe, shared that the decision to establish a store at the terminal was aimed at enhancing the shopping and travel experience for local travellers.

She said: “Old English is your ultimate destination for all your immediate grocery needs, with a streamlined shopping experience.

“One of our standout features is our exceptional bread. Over time, we have maintained our unwavering commitment to quality. The taste remains consistent, and we prioritize quality above all else. We are not willing to compromise on quality, even if it means adjusting the price. This dedication is what keeps our customers coming back.”

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